Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Quilts at the NEQM! and new kitchen!

Last weekend David and I went to Massachusetts for a brief overnight to see a few old friends and visit my Medallion with Sashiko quilt hanging at the New England Quilt Museum;).  Many thanks to Barb Vedder for including this quilt!  It was a thrill to see it within such a wonderful exhibit of creative, quirky quilts.  We sort of dashed through because somehow I didn't realize the museum closed at 4:00!  We then went on to NYC for a couple of days.  It is very easy to fly between Raleigh and New York City, happily.  

This one of Barb's was my FAVORITE in the show, so timely - 

In other news, my brother makes fine cabinetry, and he has re-done our little kitchen.  It was so fun to plan this with him in terms of the cabinetry.   We kept the footprint, flooring, and lighting, but replaced cabinetry and appliances.  The cabinets are painted Sherwin Williams' "Alabaster."   The counters are quartz Miraggio Gold. The electrician's assistant took the old appliances, and the plumber took all the old cabinetry, so that was a win-win for everyone. 

I absolutely love having my cookbooks close at hand, but behind glass.  My recipe binders are in the little cubby.  New white KitchenAid, coming full circle to the white KitchenAid I inherited from my Mom and later gave to my daughter.  

The green of the island and backsplash was color matched from an old floorboard found in the 1740's home we had in Massachusetts.  "Hartwell Green" we are calling it.  It is very moody and I love it. 

I'm so happy with the slightly deeper hightop counter my brother made, in such a lovely Cinnamon stained oak. 

There are a couple of little things to finish with the kitchen but it is all but done, and such a pleasure.  

The day my brother finished, our step-mother Denise visited for a week from Denver.  Noelle came over from Raleigh to see her one day.  

Back to quilting...  I've come to a sort of deflating decision to stop with the Mathilde Mystery quilt.  I adore the quilt, but some of the choices I have made are just..... no.   I'm going to put all these pieces into the "parts department" and challenge myself to use some or all of them... someday.... maybe in some baby quilts, who knows.  

And so very happily... I am going to continue making scrappy Ohio stars.  I will either set them in red like this, or do my favorite setting, a split square for a diagonal stripe-y vibe.   I'm looking to make it a wintery quilt appropriate for December - February (or anytime really).   I love this kind of scrappy piecing because I know eventually the quilt will be so "wabi sabi".   

I am loving the cooler, sunny days!  Where did October go? 



  1. Congratulations on having your quilt included in this special exhibit. I so wish I could see the entire exhibit but going there personally isn't an option and I've not seen any other bloggers post photos to date. Isn't it wonderful to walk into your gorgeous new kitchen in the morning and just smile! And you have an island, I am unabashedly envious! That red fabric really sets off your star blocks beautifully.

  2. Oh I love the stars on the red background! I wish there were more good reds in my stash. I've pretty much used it all up it seems! Glad you got to go to the exhibit even if it was a flying visit. And your kitchen looks amazing!!

  3. Lovely lovely kitchen countertop and cabinets--
    I really like your stars project a lot...getting to making decisions about projects really feels good, doesn't it? Hugs, Julierose

  4. I’m still hoping to see your quilt and the others before the exhibit closes. Your kitchen looks great! And I love the red with your star blocks, but am sure they will look great whatever you choose. Re your Mathilda Mystery, I agree that sometimes it’s best to quit if a project isn’t working! (gladiquilts - not anonymous 🙂)

  5. Congrats on having your quilt include in the NEQM show. Well done!
    Your kitchen looks beautiful. Your brother did a wonderful job. Do you love having the kitchen connected to your family room, without a divider. Our last home was open like this and I loved it.
    Your Scrappy Stars look great. Red works so well for them. Will you set them on point?
    I don't know where October went but I wish I could find it and bring it back.

  6. How exciting to see your quilt in the NEQM! I'm hoping to make a trip there before the exhibit leaves at the end of the year.
    Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!
    Love your star blocks.

  7. I came to really, really dislike the Mystery Quilt so redid it all: the center is different, the borders around the center are very different appliquéd flowers, the half square triangles are gone replaced by flying geese, etc. I'm still not in love with it but will slog it thru to the end.

  8. I am so late to this party, but I am happy to be here at all. ;) That is very exciting to have your quilt in the show Barb curated. Congrats!!
    Your new kitchen seems very peaceful and calming, to me. Lovely colors, and it is so clean and pristine. After three days of Thanksgiving prep, my kitchen has none of those vibes!
    Sorry you aren't happy with where your mystery quilt was going--which is exactly why I avoid mysteries. Been there, done that. But you have some lovely parts made, and I'm sure you will make good use of them.
    Oh, I love those stars. Every time I see them I have to remind myself of my long UFO list, so I don't rush off and start making them.


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