Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Quilts at Kaela's, baby Charlotte, quarantine in Tokyo


This Fall Festival Quilt (Jan Patek design) was in full use during my time at Kaela and Joe's in Texas.  

Tommy visited from college in Utah and Noelle visited from North Carolina.  I always knew Tommy was visiting, but Noelle's visit was a total surprise - the best surprise!  We all missed David and had him on FaceTime for long stretches at a time. 

Uncle Tommy bonding with Charlotte: 

I brought my Hartwell Stars quilt from Tokyo, to store at Kaela's temporarily.  

Mighty Zeus: 

And I washed Kaela and Joe's wedding quilt to freshen it up.  It makes me so happy to see that my quilts are really used and enjoyed.

Winter Quilt which needed a little repair, 

And I was so happy to see how nicely Charlotte's baby quilt has washed up.  I really think quilts like this get better and better over time.

Aunt Noelle getting to know Charlotte: 

Minnie the best dog ever: 

Plenty of great tacos in Austin.  All take-out.  Glad to see Kaela and Joe taking social distancing very seriously. 

Hard to say farewell to this sweet little family but, it was time to get back home to David!  

A 24 hour journey home, with quite a process at the airports with a ton of paper work, two COVID tests,  slow lines, waiting, stress.  

Now I'm five days in to my two-week mandatory quarantine. However just a few minutes ago I heard from a friend in the know, that I am allowed to take solo walks outside during quarantine.  I'm so relieved!  

(There's a mascot for everything in Japan!!)

How I feel with jet lag, ha ha: 



Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Boro-inspired Mini finish and grandbaby Charlotte

Hello hello from sunny Austin TX.  I've been here a week, and it's heaven to be with my first grand baby, Charlotte Jane.  Our very first selfie attempt: 

It is just so fun to be here, in their busy young household.  Seeing my "baby" being a mother really is such a huge thrill!  Kaela making waffles Sunday morning: 

I'm helping Kaela get organized in their new home, and soaking up every minute with Charlotte!  Big happy smiles and she's finding her voice too - it's so cute! 

Oh ya, quilting;).  

Here's my mini for September, finished a few weeks ago.  I used all scraps from mask-making  (Japanese fabrics, and Liberty), against an indigo background.   

Thank you for bringing us all together, Wendy, to share our little creations.  Wendy will list us on her blog The Constant Quilter  here.  

This one was pure play.  I used a little glue to collage my pieces onto a piece of good indigo, and then quilted vertical lines in narrow rows, to secure it all down. 

I included a couple of sashiko  momiji (maple leaves) for fall.  These little leaves are from Susan Briscoe's book Simple Sashiko.  

I think this mini will always remind me of making masks.  Actually it signals the end of my mask making career, or at least a healthy pause.  They are easy to find now, in stores and online.  Somehow the thought of never making another mask, is so freeing. 


Friday, September 18, 2020

9-patch with indigo top, and lost in translation

 When you take photos throughout your week, are you thinking of your blog?  Or, when you sit down to write a post, do you just reference whatever photos you happen to have taken.  I do the latter.   This week there isn't much but here we go. 

By request I need to make some more masks to take to my kids, and in typical procrastination mode, I assembled this "leader/ender" top instead: 

I made the nine patches, and then double nine patches, while I was making David's log cabin.  I think it might be the very first time I'd deliberately had a leader/ender project.  

I've also been distracted because our college age son Tommy tested positive for COVID.  He's just finished his quarantine and is feeling OK, maybe a little tired.  He got a call from a contact tracer, can feel good about (hopefully) not infecting anyone.  Not certain how he got it.  Glad his symptoms were so mild.  Wish I wasn't so far away!  

In other news, as I mentioned last time, Japan is finally allowing permanent residents and visa holders to return to Japan.  Woo hoo!  This means I can finally go visit baby Charlotte in Austin. I'm not going to do any other travel whatsoever, sadly, but I really think that's best under the circumstances.  

Yes I am quite nervous about travel, especially for the trip back into Japan, but, will think more about that next month.   I think I'm just dealing with rising anxiety over so much.  Which leads me to plead - VOTE!  "When women vote, we win." 

David and I prepared our absentee ballots which I can mail from Texas (alternately the embassy here would mail them for us).  As overseas voters, we vote in the last place we'd registered to vote, so that's New Hampshire.  

A sort-of funny "lost in translation" story.  Every now and then we get something official looking in the mail.  David told me it was an electrical inspection and in my mind I mixed that up with the fire detector inspection, or I thought it was all the same inspection.  When the inspector arrived, I had JUST heated up a skillet on the stove to make pancakes and the skillet was piping hot.  There is a smoke detector right there on the ceiling, so, from the entryway, I motioned him into the kitchen and in my rudimentary Japanese pointed to the pan and said "hot!" and "please be careful!" and "so sorry!".  Those were the only relevant words and phrases I could think of in Japanese.  He just sort of looked at me politely but blankly, and asked me where the electrical breaker box was.  That's in the bathroom.  He spent about 30 seconds inspecting the breaker box and then gave me a piece of paper, and left.  Ha ha ha.  

I have to admit I laughed out loud just wondering what he possibly thought of the American woman randomly warning him about the hot pan on the stove, which was nowhere near the breaker box in the bathroom.  

Lastly, thank you to those of you who commented last time to share your recommendations for hand quilting!  I really do love the Mettler, but I've used Gutterman before and could go back to that, and I ordered some Aurifil to try as well.  

If you are being affected by the wildfires, my heart goes out to you!