Monday, September 18, 2023

Catching up

Another month has flown by, super busy.  I'm quilting here and there when I can.  In the sewing room I'm hard at work finishing up the Lovebirds quilt top. 

And, I'm loving the "Scrappy Star Stitch Along" from Repro Quilt Lover (Taryn) on Instagram, info here.   It is not too late to join in!  It is really fun.  I'm not being too fussy about reproducing the blocks super closely - just using what I have.  This reminds me of the "stars in a time warp" project years ago.  Love it so much.  

For the following block I broke out some vintage Japanese indigo: 

And there is also the Susan Smith Mathilde mystery quilt, in Quiltmania magazine.  I'm catching up -  

Again challenging myself to use only stash!   I hope it all fits together nicely in the end.  I guess you never know.  

David went fly fishing for a couple of days in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains - to catch up in terms of contemplation and renewal. 

Look, he saw a barn quilt - what a beautiful setting! 

I've been enjoying reading, and also listening to books as I quilt.   I finished listening to Tom Lake by Ann Patchett (narrated by Meryl Streep).  I'm a big Ann Patchett fan and this novel was just so delightful, funny, poignant, relatable.  

Before that, I had read Lessons in Chemistry which I also highly recommend.  It sort of felt like a companion novel to the Barbie movie!   

And before that, Abraham Verghese's epic The Covenant of Water.  A masterpiece.  I carried it around ALL summer long.  

Do you have any good book recommendations? 

Meanwhile the twins turned one recently - "young" in their development, having been preemies, but catching up!  




  1. I love your scrappy stars! I would love to participate but have resisted in order to save my mental health 😊 - just too busy right now with other projects that need attention and with family. I really like that you are using vintage indigo. Babies grow up so fast!

  2. Not sure why my previous comment came out as anonymous! It’s from gladiquilts

  3. Those stars have been tempting me from so many bloggers. And I saw Wendy's stars in person over a week ago. Oh, it is hard to be strong, but my reason for resisting echos Gladi's. Using what you have--that is obviously what the original maker was doing, so you are copying in those blocks in a round about kind of way.
    Your applique blocks are very happy. They look good together so far, IMHO.
    Beautiful area David found on his fishing getaway.
    I have only been reading fluffy escape things lately (for mental health reasons--LOL). Nothing to really recommend.
    What a fun birthday shot of the twins. Priceless moments.

  4. The twins are so big already! Time flies. David's photo of the barn quilt and setting makes me think I've seen that very scene before, possibly in one of my books or another bloggers photos, it is such a serene setting. I love that you've been including some of your lovely indigo fabrics in the scrappy star blocks. So pretty.

  5. You Scrappy Star blocks are beautiful and full of memories, some of your time in Japan I guess. The twins have 5urned one so ve4y quickly!

  6. The scrappy stars are lovely in the Japanese fabrics. I love the piece on the ironing board. Good for you keeping up with the Quiltmania SAL. The girls looks so sweet, I bet they're busy as ever. So glad everyone is healthy.

  7. Your life is full! I'm glad you are able to keep stitching! Love your quilt projects. The babies are1?! They are so cute!!

  8. Your scrappy stars look great. I like that your stars are more dominant than in some of the original stars.
    The Quiltmania block is fun--well, all the blocks so far are! I don't buy magazines so I wish our library subscribed to it.
    I have Tom Lake on reserve. I've read so many recommendations for it. I'm looking forward to it.
    Gosh, how can it have been a year since the twins were born? It seems like no time at all. They are adorable.


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