Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mini - It's Time

This week I played around again with collage.  I really enjoy this improv appliqué so much.  It really feels like play and work, both, in the best sense, when time flies and I'm just in the zone. 

I started with an orphan sashiko piece, which inspired me to use circles. 

Pulling from my scraps, I cut freehand circles and thought a lot about the issues surrounding this U.S.  election season.  I kept thinking... "it's time" 

Time for dignity, better dialogue, time for justice for *all*.  Time to vote.  Hopefully a time for the U.S. to turn a corner.  So as I chose scraps, I attached meaning to them.  The large tenugui circle is  an asanoha pattern, which denotes protection.  

Time for love to blossom, time for us all to recognize that our separate spheres do overlap.  

The start of something: 

My finished mini: 

I hope you'll visit Wendy's blog The Constant Quilter for links to other minis this month! 

In other news I love getting texts from my niece Alyssa who, as a college student in North Carolina, finds time to quilt!  She's making baby quilts for family members.  This is her adorable dog Gobi who seems to be taking all the credit;).  Or maybe asking her to not give the quilt away;). 

Meanwhile here in Tokyo, I am able to take walks during quarantine.  This shrine isn't far from our apartment and the green is such a respite.  One more day of quarantine and then I'm "free".  Japan is handling COVID in such a unified sensible way.  




  1. Great idea for a mini. I'm so glad you will be able to end your quarantine, though you seem to have made good use of the time.

  2. I love how your mini came out...very Eastern in aspect!! I wish we had one good overreaching policy for Covid here, but unfortunately we don't...
    good that you will be done with your quarantine..
    hugs, Julierose

  3. I love every thought and feeling you put into your mini. The composition is beautiful, balanced and engaging. the vertical quilting is like a calming rain.
    How awesome is your niece? college, a dog and quilting? that is a smart girl.
    I'm happy to hear you are free (by the time you read this). Love to walk through gardens. Looks lovely.
    Oh how I wish the US would get it together with COVID. It's time.....

  4. glad you have an area to walk in for your quarantine period. I like the way you put that "a time for dignity" we need it to return for sure - a lot of us are not happy with the way the country has been for the last 4 years.

  5. I'm not sure if its the circular design or the calm colors, but this mini has such a peaceful quality. Well done! Your park is beautiful, and so good that you're now out of quarantine.

  6. I absolutely adore your mini. It's perfection. Hugs

  7. Your mini is quite attractive and full of meaning. So creative. The sashiko circle combined with the other interesting patterned!

  8. Wow, this is my favorite mini of yours thus far. I simply adore it. So creative and meaningful. I am so happy that you are able to get outside during your quarantine. I wonder what it must feel like to be in a country that is dealing with Covid in a unified sensible way. Stay safe and happy!

  9. I love your mini and the sentiments that inspired it and, of course, I love the Japanese fabrics and the sashiko. Glad your quarantine is almost over and that you are well!

  10. I love your mini too...very well done xo

  11. I love the creative thought you included in your mini this month. The sashiko piece is lovely. Your quarantine time was used in such a positive and peaceful way.

  12. Your mini is SOOOO beautiful! What a lovely way to think about this election (which doesn't have much lovely to say about it.) I am right with you on all your points!

  13. So much thought went into making your 'it's time' mini and I love how you created such a meaningful collage. Glad to hear you are (about) out of quarantine and could take a walk in such a lovely place :)

  14. Wonderful mini with great sentiments! Glad your quarantine is over now - and with no illness. Take care!

  15. That's a beautiful little quilt, Cynthia. I like that you've attached meanings to the parts of the quilt.
    The situation in America is sad and unsettling right now. It seems to me so many want what they want without regard to anyone else.
    I wish Ohio had a unified approach to Covid. We have a mask mandate when in public but probably 25% of the people don't wear them. I wish Ohio would take a lesson from the people of Delaware and Maryland who are so conscientious about wearing masks, even when jogging or riding a bike.
    You have a beautiful place to walk!


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