Thursday, September 24, 2015

Stepping Stones finish

Here's my latest Stepping Stones quilt for the Mormon Helping Hands project in Tokyo.  Each spring, many 18 year old students "graduate" from orphanages in Tokyo, and we give "Stepping Stones" quilts to the graduates from several area orphanages.

We always make the same quilt.  But no two are quite alike!  (click here to see the quilt I made last year).  The free pattern is from Bonnie Hunter and can be found here.  It is put together in nine-patches - with the little bright centers.  Very clever, and a great way to use scraps.

This year my recipient wanted a "light green" quilt.

Quilting it was a breeze with my new Bernina740, which has more throat space than my old trusty 153QE.  I did mostly straight lines, but did a little bit of stippling just to practice free motion.  New machine, new "feel" - will take some time to really get it.

 Tommy doesn't relish holding quilts up for me to photograph, so I always make it really fast. ;).

I pieced the backing, just to use what I have and be frugal.  It works OK. 

Got it into the mail just before my (brief) trip to London.... which I will write about next!


  1. Your quilt is lovely and will be cherished forever by one very lucky girl :)

  2. Oh how beautiful! And, what a great gift. Thanks for sharing.


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