Monday, January 12, 2015

Stepping Stones finish

Tonight I finished tacking back the binding on this quilt... backed by these sweet butterflies (an enduring symbol of Christianity, a subtle detail but it made me smile).

"My" graduate wanted a brown quilt, which I was so happy to do - I really like this color scheme and I had so many scraps already.

The pattern is Sticks and Stones by Bonnie Hunter.  The sashing is built into the block construction. I wasn't quite careful enough while piecing the finished blocks as you can tell below, but... I will remember next time that lining up the "sticks" is more important than the edges of the blocks.

The machine quilting was fast and fun.  As usual I used monofilament in the needle, cotton in the bobbin.

Tommy held it up for me the minute after I finished tacking on the binding.

Now I just need to wash and dry it and send it to Tokyo the next time David travels there.  The Stepping Stones quilters there will attach the labels (like the ones below) and add the quilt to a growing pile.  They will be given out personally in March when the 18-year-olds graduate high school and therefore "graduate" out of the orphanage setting and into independence. 
photo from the Stepping Stones Mormon Helping Hands facebook page 
Takako Sekiguchi, our current leader, gives each graduate a lovely note with his or her quilt.  It may have changed over the past couple of years but here's the English translation of what she wrote a few years ago - sums up our purpose perfectly.

We are a group called “Stepping Stones”.

In a Japanese garden, it means Fumi-ishiAs our name implies,
our hope is to be stepping stones for you as you make a new step in your life.

We have made a quilt for you to symbolize our wishes.
The pattern of the quilt is called sticks & stones. The small 2 cm squares in the quilt represent stones which will help you spread your wings and fly high.
We hope that the quilt will keep you warm in body and spirit and remind you that there are people who wish you happiness.

May your future be bright! 
With Love,

*** Stepping Stones*** 


  1. What a heart warming blog post about a most beautiful quilt!

  2. LOVE that label! What a wonderful project you are involved in doing. The quilt looks great, and the sticks look lined up enough to me!


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