Tuesday, February 27, 2024

QuiltCon in Raleigh - inspiring!

Last week I went to a quilt show in Raleigh.  I'd heard of the Modern Quilt Guild and Quilt Con but had never been to one of their shows.  

Wow, it was just wonderful.  Very exciting, inspiring with a friendly inclusive vibe throughout.   

Here are some of my favorites, including the quilter's statements. 

Quilt by Corinne Sovey

Quilt by Rebeka Lambert: 

Quilt by Jennifer Candon

I loved seeing my friend Barb Vedder's quilt in person:  

The best in show, by Ginny Robinson, was so powerful: 

There was a special exhibit of quilts by Jacquie Gering

As well as a special exhibit of quilts by members of the African American Quilt Circle of Durham, North Carolina, including this striking quilt by Willa Brigham

The vendor area was crowded, but nothing like Tokyo crowded, lol.  I picked up a couple of variety packs of Liberty fabric.  

Just one more of my favorites from the show - quilt by Julie Reuben: 

I loved how she achieved a secondary design with the dense stitching in different colors.  



  1. I love that you posted photos of quilts that I'd not seen on other's blogs. I'm intrigued by the last one, the subtle gradations of color as the hand quilting thread changes. Its simply beautiful.

  2. I really love some of these quilts. I have not seen very many quilts from the show that resonated with me, but you showed the few that caught my eye! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these quilts, Cynthia. Your photos are fabulous! I loved being able to enlarge them and see details. There are several that I find delightful.


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