Monday, January 8, 2024

Lovebirds wedding quilt finish, books, happy new year!


We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with all our kids and spouses and grand babies with us - 

And on Christmas day Tommy and Camille opened up their wedding quilt.  It was so fun (and challenging) to make and I hope they will enjoy it.  David literally laughed when he saw the finished top, so I feel a bit insecure about it, but, it truly was fun to make. 

Indigo for Tommy and the bright cheerful colors for Camille.  In the folky style they wanted. 

And not the last quilt I will ever make for them... 

Machine quilted very freely - 

Quick photo after church - 

Side note - look at the Carolina blue sky - one of the things I love about living here, even as I miss the beautiful quiet New England snow. 

And now I've eased into the new year by cleaning out, straightening up, rearranging,  putting away all the baby things (Kaela's family is moving to California - I'm still in shock).  I've started a new quilting process notebook, and a new bullet journal.  I love a fresh start. 

Here were my books in 2023 - I listened to many of them. 

Most memorable were Demon Copperhead, True Grit, Tom Lake (all on Audible).   Lessons in Chemistry, Our Missing Hearts.  

Happy New Year quilty friends!  




  1. The wedding quilt is a triumph, and the recipients are certainly beaming, aren't they? Perhaps your husband was happy-laughing when he saw it completed.


    1. Thank you, Ceci. Maybe it was just a bemused chuckle;). Thank you for visiting - I have no way to reply to you on email.

  2. I love the detail and folky theme of this quilt and all the beautiful colors. Job well done!
    I'm so glad I found your blog, your work is very inspiring.

  3. Such a sweet quilt! And beautiful home and family.

  4. I think your lovebirds were completely captivated by their Lovebirds quilt! You did a fantastic job of putting together all the folk art elements in a harmonious way, well done! So sorry to hear that your sweet granddaughters will be moving so far away, more frequent flyer miles for you I guess. Happy new year to you!

    1. Thank you so much Babcia! They are happy with it which makes me happy too;).

  5. Oh, what a wonderful, heartwarming quilt. There is so much to see and so many beautiful colors balanced with the indigo. Of course the lovebirds love it! It’s unique and not like any other quilt in the world.

    1. Thank you Queenie! I hope they will use it and find joy in it. They certainly bring a lot of joy when they are around. Can't wait to see you... next month!

  6. Looks like a joyful Christmas celebration. As I looked at the photo of your kids and their companions, I had a grin on my face. It isn't hard to pick out the ones that belonged to you!
    The lovebirds look very pleased with their quilt--who wouldn't be? But I get that it is hard to "quilt to order". I like to make what I want to make, and if someone loves it and wants it, that's great. Even my kids wedding quilts have been things they have picked from what I had made, or had in the works. They understand that I do this for therapy, and doing it to please makes it stressful. I'm a wimp, and I freely acknowledge the fact.
    How dare they pack up those kids and move away from you!! ;)
    Quite the book list. I have read none of them. :o

  7. Happy New Year ! Sorry I'm late to the party. Isn't is just wonderful when you can gift a special quilt? Love Birds is just beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas season.
    Looks like you had a good year in books.

  8. Your Love Birds quilt is fabulous! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday with your family. The twins are getting so big! You've read a lot of books--where/how do you keep track of them?

  9. I am sure they both LOVE that beautiful and fun quilt! Lovely family- I'm sure it was terrific to have a full house for Christmas.


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