Monday, February 6, 2023

Simple finish for the Tenugui Quilt... and Boston ladies visit NC

The Tenugui Quilt is finished, with a bubblegum pink binding, which I think is fun and works well with the pops of red in the quilt.   The backing is over 20 years old;).  I just had a lot of it and never could get rid of it! 

I made quick work of this quilt.  I just wanted to get it done, and I'm pretty happy with it.  I stitched in the ditch, and quilted a square in the middle of each star block, and just anything in the plain tenugui blocks. 

The true blues photograph well in the shade. 

Memories of Japan, again, in a very usable utilitarian quilt.  It was this time last year that I started our transition to North Carolina.  I guess after a year it's time to accept that we live here, lol.  A "55 degrees and sunny" day like today helps a lot! 

I think I will keep this quilt in the sewing/guest room upstairs for now. 

It can travel between that room and "the dorm":

Last weekend, I had a "Boston ladies" visit from three dear old friends, who came here from far and wide to  hold babies, and stay up into the wee hours talking.  So much catching up, all the emotions,  such a gift to have each one of them here.

Left to right, Natasha (Texas), Emily (Massachusetts), Alyson (Utah) and yours truly (ok ok, North Carolina it is!).    

I started tacking back the pink binding while they were here so the quilt will also remind me of that special weekend.  

We all share some sort of Japan connection.  Natasha, Alyson and I had lived there years apart from each other; and Emily just welcomed her daughter home from missionary service there.  It's just such a small world. 



  1. This quilt is such a wonderful way to remember your life in Japan. It is stunning! So happy that you were able to share it and your time with your friends. These moments are so special.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful reunion!:))) the quilt is just lovely...hugs, Julierose

  3. Your beautiful quilt is filled with stories and memories. Love the bubble gum pink binding. (Why not!)

  4. A great finish, Cynthia. And how special to be binding that quilt while enjoying a visit with your friends who all have ties to Japan.

  5. The pink binding is perfect for this special quilt! Good friends are essential and it’s nice to see you enjoyed hosting that special group!

  6. Perfectly lovely finish! It will serve you well, and be a special reminder of your years in Japan. I love your wonderful upstairs studio/guest room, and that loft is a real treasure! I can imagine many granddaughter sleepovers in that special space.

  7. I love the pink binding. Of course, I love this quilt in general but the pink binding is delightful.

  8. What a beautiful memory quilt. The traditional Japanese indigos are delightful, as is the pink binding.

  9. What a fabulous quilt--all those wonderful blues with a pink binding are perfect together. Love your dorm room and how special it was to have your Boston Ladies come for a weekend visit :) It's hard to believe you've been in NC for 1 year already!

  10. I love the quilt! And what a special time with sweet friends!!

  11. What a gorgeous quilt! It is wonderful that so many memories have been sewn into it.

  12. How great you were able to have your friends visit! Fun times.
    Your quilt finish is beautiful. It looks so comfortable.
    Nancy, ndmessier @ gmail,


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