Saturday, November 27, 2021

Breezy Day mini

For this month's mini quilt, I did another little collage quilt, using just these scraps from my Hands All Around tenugui quilt, which is just awaiting sashing and borders.

It's a very specific palette, just blue and white tenugui, with a bit of red here and there.   I don't usually work with such a limited palette but I took Rogue Quilter Janet's "baggie of scraps" challenge and had fun with it.   Thanks Wendy the Constant Quilter for hosting us month after month;).  

I had a breezy day on the water in mind: 

Added some sashiko to the little boat and machine quilted it with random diagonal lines: 

It's about 13x13 inches.  I bound it in the darkest of indigo kasuri: 

Meanwhile, the weather has been outstanding.  On Tuesday it was a national holiday so David had the day off, and we walked from our apartment to this spot famous for its beautiful ginkgo trees.  It seemed like everyone else had the same idea!  It's almost back to pre-Covid crowds, and that's with no tourists allowed into the country. 

This is a "Yaki-imo" truck - selling sweet potatoes.  Oh, the heavenly smell and such a sign of autumn.

Meanwhile we put up our little tree and this year decided to move my sewing table over,  in order to put the tree in the window.  We had noticed walking home the other day that the folks living right above us on floor 6,  put a tree in their window so we thought it would be fun to put ours in the window right below theirs.  

I guess the benefits of living in such a small place is that the tree is right there all the time to enjoy.... while preparing little appliqué circles for example ;).




  1. Your little quilts are so charming, Cynthia. I love this one and the idea behind it.
    Your tree in the window is beautiful. Is it s real tree recently cut or an artificial one?
    Don't you love ginkgo trees?! Except the females, though I understand the nuts can be eaten. I might have a little trouble getting past the smell, though. (

    1. Thank you Nancy. It's a little artificial tree from Ikea. I don't think we could find a real tree here and even if we could, I'm sure the cost would be sky high!

  2. Your little flower boat is adorable--nice work with such a limited palette ;)) ; it has a lot of motion --definitely a windy day in that piece.
    Hugs julierose

  3. That little quilt is wonderful! What a wonderful way to use up scraps! I so enjoy your posts!

  4. Cynthia maravilloso mini ¡¡me encanta!!
    Tu arbolito se ve muy bonito.

  5. Another sweet mini collages and your fabrics perfectly evoke the windy day at sea. I remember gingko trees from our time in the D.C. area many years ago. Beautiful but messy like so many of the ornamental fruit trees. But so worth it during their seasons of glory. Kind of like people in that respect I guess!

  6. Your little quilts are so inspirational! Thanks for sharing your process & results. I miss having a street-facing window for Christmas tree display...maybe your tree will inspire more neighbors to display theirs!

  7. Your little piece is delightful. The "X" in the upper right is a nice design element. It balances the piece and it intrigues me because I can imagine it being a cloud, a bird, a plane or whatever I want it to be in the sky. Your comment about the tree being right with you to enjoy got me thinking. Our tree is usually in the living room which we seldom use. I need to rethink it's location this year.

  8. You meant Janet's challenge perfectly. It is a windy day on the sea. The sprinkling of the red is just was needed to make it sparkle. Our tree went up today. Right in the family room for everyone to enjoy.

  9. Great little mini Cynthia!! I love your use of the mostly blue and white Japanese fabrics with a touch of red and your composition and stitching are lovely!!

  10. What is not to love about that little quilt?? The indigo and white with just a few kisses of red make such a pleasing palette. I can definitely feel the breeze, and see that X in cloud as the source of it, and the directional diagonal quilting emphasizes the movement. Love the little heart bobbing in the water. The sashiko stitching is a nice detail. Delightful all around, Cynthia!
    Enjoyed getting out to see the Ginkgo trees, and coming home to the cozy little tree.
    Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  11. This mini of yours is my very your tree too xo

  12. Oh so cute, your new collage! And brilliant use of you “baggie” of scraps. I love your tree too, a perfect fit for the window spot. I’d love to find one that shape. Slim, but still plush. Did I comment on your pot holders? They’re wonderful, and so full of interesting fabrics and color! Looks like you’re having a lot of fun with scraps. I need to get back to mine.

  13. That mini sailboat is quite fitting for all the windy days we are having. I love the smell of those yakimo trucks. I remember one parked outside a train station with the smell getting stronger and stronger as one came up the stairs.

  14. Wee! I love this new little collage. Every piece of fabric looks like it belongs and has a purpose. I like the combination of machine and hand stitching.
    Your tree is so festive and pretty.

  15. Your mini collage is charming! The blue and white palette with touches of red is perfect. And I could "feel" the breeze blowing on the water. Your Christmas tree looks so nice in front of the window :)

  16. Another fabulous mini! You are so creative with your collage quilts. I adore this one. You captured a "breezy day on the water" perfectly. Your tree is so festive. I think a sweet potato truck sounds delicious! Now I am hungry! Thanks for another great mini. Janet will love what you have done with your "baggie"!

  17. You are really a quilt wizard and make these wonderful mini quilts. I love the round sails!
    The weather has been mostly good and perfect for outings. No wonder there are crowds everywhere.
    I find I start decorating with Christmas ornaments earlier in Japan than in Sweden. Maybe because Xmas is over so soon here - I mean we have to prepare the house for new year.

  18. You have been making the best mini quilting collages. Love them all! They totally make me smile!:)


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