Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The end of the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival

Sad news for so many quilters, vendors, and visitors:  

On the topic of how the COVID pandemic is causing ripple effects all over... it's been announced that the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival won't continue.  

In January 2020 I somewhat greedily went to the show four days in a row (which was overkill and exhausting, but also exhilarating) and was really happy knowing I'd have 2021 and 2022 to also attend.  Who knew we were all (worldwide!) about to be stopped in our tracks, and for so long?  

Given the absolutely crushing crowds at the show, and the aging population of master quilters in Japan, I'm not surprised at this news, but it's such a shame.  

Here is the link to the announcement (in Japanese).  

From Google translate: 

Tokyo International Quilt Festival-Festival of Cloth, Needle and Thread-
Notice of termination
Everyone who was looking forward to the event every year,
All the writers and people who have participated in this event so far,
I would like to thank all of you.

The feelings of everyone involved through the kilt
It was held with the idea of ​​spinning it into one like a patchwork.
Thanks to you, after a long period of 19 years
This event was a big and colorful work.

It's very painful that I can't make the work any bigger,
I would appreciate it if you could leave it in the corner of your heart.

until now
"Tokyo International Quilt Festival-Festival of Cloth, Needle and Thread-"
Please love the work
I'm really thankful to you.

June 2021
Tokyo International Quilt Festival Executive Committee
(NHK, Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokyo International Quilt Festival Organizing Committee)


  1. Thank you for posting this information. I’m sorry it won’t be continuing.

  2. Wow! This is so sad but thank you for letting us know. Stay safe!

  3. Thank you for checking the information. It is very sad news. I hope the show will come to life again in some form. At the moment the risk of infection is still too high. Future shows will have to be some form of restricted entry or timed tickets.
    As Tokyo Dome City now has a new owner there might be problems with cost for renting the Dome as well.

  4. Very sad news indeed. We are seeing the beginning of the end of a lot of special events. We will recover, but it will definitely take time. Thanks for posting this.

  5. The loss of this show is so sad. Understandable, but sad. Even though there was no way I'd ever get there, I so enjoyed seeing glimpses of it on the internet.

  6. Oh, what a blow! You can tell it was a hard choice for them, but I think of how disappointed you and so many others are who had been planning and anticipating attending. I know how disappointed, sad, and let down I would feel. I am glad you squeezed in as much of it as you could last year!

  7. Ah,that's such a pity. I was at the Tokyo Quilt Festival in January 2020 (who knew it was going to be my first and last time at the show!). It was an amazing experience (spent 3 days there). But it was so packed and busy that I can't see a show like that happening again for a few years, hopefully it will be re-started again in some format in the next few years!

  8. That is such sad news. I'm thankful for all the photos you and other bloggers shared of the last show, and that you were able to spend four days exploring all the delightful quilts showcased.

  9. So sorry to hear this. I've been to the show several times. I've thought our next trip to Japan should definitely be in January while the Dome quilt show is on. I guess that opens up the calendar to more possibilities.

  10. The Yokohama quilt show was able to make some kind of a comeback. Maybe someone will come up with an alternative. I can't imagine something that popular ending forever, sad as it it...

  11. How sad. I’m grateful so many people posted pictures of this phenomenal show.

  12. That is so sad. I remember when you went last year, how thrilling it was to attend in person.

  13. Events and circumstances will continue to be impacted. Hopefully, in the future many things will be able to return.

  14. I heard about this last week and I'm so so sad.
    It was on my quilting bucket list to attend.
    It was such a beautiful event.

  15. Oh rats. My one great quilt show of the year... And how am I ever going to get to get together with you and Julie and Queenie again! And I'll miss out on our yearly challenges (though maybe I won't miss out on the partnership blocks that were getting too small for inspiration.) There also used to be a Long Beach quilt show in California in the summer that I attended by that ended four or five years ago... All us quilters are going to be left at loose ends!


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