Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Mt. Fuji outing, and indigo sofa throw progress

In the evenings I'm slowly working on my indigo sofa throw  - it's so fun to add these simple sashiko stitches.   I love handling these new and vintage indigo fabrics. 

A bit of red here and there and I like exposing knots now and then: 

Recently some young friends who are leaving Tokyo soon, invited us along on a day trip to the fifth station of Mount Fuji.  We had a wonderful time (they have the cutest 2 year old, need I say more?), and it was just so nice to get out of Tokyo.  They are very careful about COVID precautions and so are we.  We all stayed masked the whole time in the car, and we ate our lunch at separate tables separated by plastic sheeting.  

Another lion-dog (I am seeing them everywhere now)

Super cold and windy up at the fifth station - David bought a sweatshirt at the gift shop.  I think he looks so cute! 

Mt. Fuji is closed to hikers.  There were so many empty bus parking spots, and the place was nearly empty.  It was nice for us, but I really feel for the small business people trying to make a living. 

We ate at a little restaurant up there.  The food was so-so but the presentation was spot on - Fuji-san themed - and on a cold windy day, it was nice to have a hot meal.   This is katsu curry - a chicken cutlet, with a curry sauce, over rice.  Don't you love the pickled "lava"? 

Such a cute display at the restaurant: 

I can't help but see "QUILT" in grids like these! 

Masks off for a quick photo: 

The days are flying by.  One month until we leave for our U.S. vacation.  

In a few minutes I'm joining in a Zoom book group with ladies from my church.  We will discuss the Y.A. novel The Hired Girl, by Laura Amy Schlitz.  I listened to it on Audible and absolutely loved it.  

xo gratefully, 



  1. Your progress on your stitching looks so good. I look forward to seeing your final product.
    I love the photos from your outing. The food presentation is interesting.
    A great shot of you and your hubby with Mt. Fuji behind.
    Haven't heard of that book. I still enjoy reading some young adult authors. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.

  2. I'm guessing that that stitching is a great source of relaxation at night. It surely is beautiful! So glad you were able to get out of the city for a bit. And, yes David does look cute in that sweatshirt. What a wonderful adventure.

  3. Your young friends were getting you primed for your granddaughter adventures next month! That dinner looked really interesting and a beautiful presentation. The sofa throw stitching looks wonderful and fun too. Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

  4. Your indigo sofa throw is looking wonderful! I especially love that vintage fabric! It makes me want to get out a few vintage pieces I have and figure out how to use them! As always, I enjoy your Japanese pictures and adventures so thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm loving your indigo sofa throw with all the wonderful stitching and touches of red. Thank you for sharing photos of your Mt. Fuji excursion. Sounds like a good book. I'm going to add it to my list :)

  6. Your Sashiko is wonderful looking! Love it!:)

  7. What a wonderful outing! I climbed to the summit in August 1984 and it sure was cold at the top, but the stars were so close we could have picked them down!
    I never saw Fuji Katsu curry like that, it must be a new 'tourist attraction' I like the idea of the lava.
    Your collection of indigo is wast and brilliant, the red thread makes it even more brilliant!

  8. I'll check out your book recommendation!

    And that sweatshirt is great! If you've been to Mt. Fuji (I haven't) you need to have a Mt. Fuji shirt!

  9. The Mt Fuji 5th station has really changed over the years. In the early 60s they just had horses you could rent to ride up to the 7th station. In climbing season, that sweatshirt would come in handy.Even when Tokyo is sweltering, the top is plenty cold.

  10. Seeing all your indigo fabrics does my heart good -thanks for sharing them! I love visiting high places with a view, so Mt Fuji would definitely be on my list if I visited Japan. Loved the poster display!

  11. Love your stitching and yes to those exposed knots. The colorful thread really pops.
    Looks like a nice getaway and the food does look appealing :)
    The Fuji tiles or postcards are really neat.
    Great photo of you and David.
    I have enjoyed many YA books, this one looks very good.

  12. What a fun outing. And the indigo throw is lovely and will hold such memories too.

  13. The stitching is so much fun and that big red knot is a hoot!

    1. Oh, that's just a marker so I can easily see where I left off in my stitching!

  14. LOvely happy post...adventures, sewing, friends...wonderful AND upcoming vacation!!! xo


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