Friday, May 28, 2021

Two tiny quilts, and hydrangea

I made a couple of teeny tiny quilts this week.  Not potholders per se (only one thin layer of batting).  More to be used as trivets - just something pretty to plop down on the table if you have a hot dish on the way.  8" x 8", all cotton.  

One each, for two friends who are leaving Tokyo soon.   In their own ways, they have been kindred spirits and I will miss their company on walks and meet-ups in the park.  It is sayonara season! 

The first one for Nancy W.   The sashiko pattern is yabane (arrows - strength and courage).  

The lines of the yabane made quilting it in hanging diamonds really easy.  The binding (single fold) is a nice woven stripe.  

The second is for Louise,  and the pattern is fundo tsunagi (linked balance weights).   

Wendy brings us together to share our minis so be sure to check out her blog here.  Can it really be JUNE in a few days??! 

We are in full-on rainy season now!  

Hydrangeas are in bloom: 

Always love spotting a giant tree: 

And here's another lion-dog: 

xo gratefully, 



  1. Wonderful little quilts! I’m sure they will be treasured. The hydrangea have begun blooming here too. The company where I work is on Ajisai Dori. The street is accurately named.

  2. Your tiny quilts are the perfect gifts for friends who are leaving Tokyo. It's always so interesting to learn the meaning of your sashiko stitching. Beautiful hydrangeas in all colors!

  3. They are fantastic! Such tiny treasures. Nancy and Louise are lucky indeed. Your sashiko work is so beautiful. I also love the print hanging on your wall. It looks like it might be a silk screen. Gorgeous! Your photos are always so enticing. I know this time in Japan has been full of challenges but also with joy. I am sure you are looking forward to being home again with your family. I look forward to our next quilty meeting together too!

  4. Charming presents, and they will lead the thoughts back to Cynthia and Tokyo.
    Hydrangeas are the BEST, especially during the rainy season.

  5. Your minis are lovely. Hugs

  6. Your minis are each wonderful, tiny treasures! Those lion-dogs always make me smile. I suppose they're supposed to look ferocious (?), but they always appear so happy.

  7. Thank you for the mini sashiko lesson! The binding fabric on the yabane mini really caught my eye, too!

  8. Lovely little quilts, perfect for trivets! Nice sashiko stitching too. Your minis have got me thinking I should get out my Japanese fabrics and use them for an upcoming Mini. :) As always, love your Japan photos.

  9. Wow--those two little trivets/quilts are adorable mementos of Japan for your friends. Nice stitching!
    Is anyone ever tempted to make a large mask and tie it over the lion-dog's mouth, or is Japanese society much to proper for such antics?
    The hydrangeas are gorgeous. Since they don't grow much around here, I am always intrigued by them.
    A lovely photo of you at the end.

  10. What lovely mementos for your friends of their time on Japan and your friendship. Your tiny quilts are always beautiful. The hydrangeas are beautiful too.

  11. I love your tiny quilts Cynthia! So simple, and elegant. Your stitching is perfect. The hydrangeas are stunning! Rain sounds lovely ... of course, we’re in a drought.

  12. What thoughtful gifts for your departing friends.
    Thank you for the sashiko information.
    The hydrangeas are beautiful.
    We are on our second day of rain and boy did we need it.

  13. You found the perfect backing for the Fundo Tsunagi quilt!

  14. Lovely minis, great gifts for your friends.

  15. The minis are perfect. I love the crisp clean look of them. But, the cutest part of this post is the picture of you at the end.


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