Saturday, April 10, 2021

Indigo Butterflies , and azaleas


I'm making a little butterfly quilt for my grand daughter, Charlotte, who will turn one in June.   Here she is, nine months of sweetness and joy!  We are making *hopeful* summer plans to see all all our kids.  I pray it all works out! 

Indigo, and Liberty fabrics.  Sashiko antennae.   These are so fun to make!   

I've been slowly working on these blocks for the past few months.  I drew my patterns based on a quilt my own Grandma made for me when I was about 12.  It's not the same shape but it's similar, and the blocks are twelve inches too.  Bold.  This is the third time I'm making a butterfly quilt. 

Edited to add: (I forgot I took my old blog "off line") - 

Here was my inspiration - butterfly quilt made for me by my Grandma Mary Lou in 1976:

I prepped with freezer paper and used invisible machine appliqué.  On my machine (Bernina 475QE) my settings are:

  • 20 C open toe embroidery foot 
  • stitch #3, vari overlock
  • needle position -1 
  • mirror image 
  • stitch length 1.0
  • stitch width 1.5 
  • monofilament thread in needle; cotton in bobbin

I finished the blocks today. I need to think about settings and I know I will keep it super simple and practical. 

Yesterday, I went on a small group outing to Nezu Shrine, a twenty minute train ride, and short walk away from my place.  For a small fee we were admitted to a meandering walk through the most amazing display of azaleas!  

This tree absolutely stopped me in my tracks.  A giant ginko tree. 

These spring days are so lovely.  I'm enjoying every minute... 

xo gratefully 



  1. Beautiful butterflies;)) What a lovely quilt this will be for your granddaughter.. one to be cherished...
    Gorgeous azaleas--simply breathtaking colors...
    thanks for sharing--mine are just budding out a little...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. I made a butterfly quilt for my granddaughter too. Only my butterflies were pieced. I love your appliqued butterflies better. The flowering plants are so beautiful. Hugs

  3. Your butterfly blocks are beautiful! Can't wait to see how you set them in Charlotte's quilt! Oh, those sweet chubby baby feet! I'd love to view your childhood quilts but don't have access to read your older blog.

  4. Oh, what a cutie!! I hope your summer plans work out!
    That is sweet that you are making a butterfly quilt for your granddaughter, as your grandma made one for you!
    The Azalea display is jaw-dropping!! Wow, I would love to meander through those.
    Lovely post, Cynthia!

  5. The butterflies are adorable. Just a lovely combination of fabrics.

  6. Very sweet little Charlotte! And your butterfly quilt is going to be adorable, looking forward to seeing how you arrange your blocks. I would love to read about your childhood quilts but your old blog is set to "private" so access was denied. Wow, what an amazing garden and a beautiful day to enjoy it. Jan in MA

  7. The indigo and Liberty prints go together wonderfully and the sashiko antennae are perfect! Charlotte is sure to cherish the quilt. Oh how I wish I could take those beautiful walks in Japan - not much color here yet; I have to be patient! Hope your summer plans work out!

    1. Thank you Gladi! Soon enough, you will have beautiful walks and I will be inside as much as possible in the A/C ;).

  8. what a beautiful post! Your butterfly quilt is so meaningful and sweet. The combination of indigo and Liberty prints is inspired! What a lovely nod to tradition and a way to honor your grandmother and granddaughter.
    the azaleas are just stunning. they are so perfectly shaped and the contrast of colors is breathtaking. I agree, that ginko tree is a wonder. I also love the trail arch structure. thank you for all the beauty!!

  9. What a wonderful tradition you're carrying forward with the butterfly quilt. It will be meaningful. The garden youve been able to visit are breathtaking. The colors are so vibrant.

  10. It's hard to believe Charlotte will be 1 year old! I hope you get to see your family this summer. Love that you're carrying on the tradition of making a butterfly quilt for your granddaughter. So nice that your grandmother made one for you. The azaleas are gorgeous!

  11. Wow! What an amazing walk through spring!! So beautiful!
    Love your butterfly blocks. So nice to use a similar pattern of the one made for you.
    Charlotte is so cute! I hope it works out to get a visit in.

  12. Oh how sweet! I cannot believe she is nearly one already. I do hope you get to come this summer to visit your family again.

  13. I went for a visit to the Nezu shrine in January last year, as it was only a short distance from where I was staying. Unfortunately, the azaleas werent in bloom then, your photos of it look beautiful.

  14. Loving your butterfly blocks. The Liberty & indigo combo is perfect! So special to be making one so similar to your grandmothers version. And yes, the azaleas are spectacular.

  15. Love the pics of the beautiful flowers! So vibrant! And your butterflies are so very sweet in Indigo. Perfect choice.:)

  16. It will be a special quilt, for a special little girl.

  17. What a great tradition to make a butterfly quilt for your granddaughter just as your grandmother did for you. I'm sure Charlotte will love it! She is such a cutie and, I think, looks really different from when she was younger.
    I love the walkway with the red squared-arch. That red is fabulous! And the azaleas are amazing. I don't know much about them and didn't know they came in so many colors. Spring!

  18. Oh my gosh! Is Charlotte already 9 months old?! She is a little girl already! I do hope you get to visit this summer... We are not making any plans yet though we keep hoping... Charlotte will treasure her butterfly quilt as much as you treasure yours.


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