Friday, March 10, 2017

Medallion with Sashiko - finished at last

Ta-da!  Gwennie (Gwen Marston) Inspired Medallion Quilt finished at last!  We were challenged to interpret the following themes:

Basket (center) chosen by Lori at Humble Quilts
Childhood chosen by... me
Log Cabin as chosen by Cathy at Big Lake Quilter
Stars as chosen by Katy at KatyQuilts
"Something fishy"  as chosen by Wendy at The Constant Quilter

I do think if I had to do it all over again, I would have made my "something fishy" border much narrower, and added a very dark or very bright outer border.   And if not for this challenge, I would have stopped after the narrow log cabin border after the sashiko and called it all good as a wall hanging!

All that said,  I am SO THRILLED with the custom machine quilting by Hannah's Longarm Quilting in NH.  I looked at this quilt as a collaboration and so asked Hannah to quilt it however she wanted to quilt it and WOW... the results are fabulous!  Way beyond anything I would have thought to do or have the skill to do!

In so many places, the quilting echoed elements of the piecing/applique/sashiko.  I found it quite touching!  

And then the borders!!  Whoa!!!! 

For the backing, I used what I happened to have on hand from my quickly dwindling stash of Japanese fabrics: 

Thank you again Lori (Humble Quilts) for organizing us for this fun challenge!  



  1. Your quilt is just gorgeous, Cynthia. I thought so before but after seeing some of the detail I'm enamored of it once again.

    Mine is still folded awaiting time for me to once again lay it on the floor and make some decision. Just one outer border but I'm getting some ideas.

  2. Cynthia, your Gwennie quilt is just fabulous! I love the sashiko stitching you did, it's beautiful. Hannah did a wonderful job on the quilting too. Are you sending for the exhibit?

  3. I love the sashiko with variegated thread. You met what would have been a difficult challenge had I taken it on.

  4. Cynthia isn't this quilt lovely! I've watched this project from afar. You are right the talented quilting is wonderful. Thanks also for sharing your Spool quilt progress. You do such fantastic sewing.

  5. Oh your quilt turned out wonderfully! And yes, the quilting adds so much. Looks like I need to step up my game (mine is in line for quilting here at home -- hope I'm up to it).

  6. I for one am glad that you didn't stop at the log cabin border as I think the whole thing is sensational. And, yes the quilting is super too. I wish I could go and see them all hanging together.

  7. What a fabulous finish. The quilting added another level of interest, beauty and texture.

  8. Wow! The quilting really is impressive! What a sweet, charming quilt!

  9. What a wonderful finish! The sashiko is beautiful and your interpretations of the themes are charming. Lucky you to have a collaborative LA quilter to add another level of spark as well.


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