Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fall Festival Month 2

Catching up with Fall Festival (Jan Patek pattern).

Yesterday was a snowy day - perfect quilting day.   Click here to see lots of other versions - thanks for the sew-along, Lori!  The deadlines are so helpful in keeping me keepin' on.

I appliqued the stars (freezer paper on the back - invisible machine applique - messy but fun - and soaking the blocks to loosen the paper/glue did show me that the purple is not colorfast - good to know now) - then...

A little string piecing for the large star:

Reverse applique would have been a good idea.  Next time.

This is my "new" sewing space - pared way way down!

We transformed my sewing room back into a kids' bedroom, for the purposes of showing our house:

We brought down all the kids books from our attic "book nook" -

But back to the point.... Fall Festival!  Finally late last night as I was FaceTiming with dear daughter Kaela (a sure cure for the blues), I finished up this kitty cat (substituting for the turkey):

AND speaking of dear daughters, Noelle got engaged this week to her partner Keenan - they are so happy, and we are so happy for them!



  1. Congratulations to Noelle and Keenan! I really love your string pieced star. Your kitty is a great substitute for the turkey. You didn't like the turkey?

  2. Your Fall Festival blocks are wonderful! The Kitty is so cute and different [much as I loved the Turkey]. And the string pieced Star is so great. Fun to see the changes.
    btw I don t wet my blocks to remove the glued down paper, usually it just pops out with a sharp but not harmful tug, which I do before entire closing the applique?
    I thought about appliqueing the Stars but even tho I complained I did ok with the odd piecing, learned something.
    Your work is always so pretty! As is your very neat sewing room, wow.

    Best wishes to your family too.

  3. Lovely blocks! The cat is a great substitution.I adore your sewing room too:) Congrats to your daughter!!

  4. nice post congrats to the ladies

  5. Squeal! Congratulations to your daughter and her partner. Wow, I'll bet you and your husband are saying "where did the time go"? Actually, when our first got married it made me feel young again. Not sure why, but I wish the same for you. Taking on the challenge of selling your home is a big one. Happy that you still have a sewing place and it is a beautiful room. With that newly decorated children's room, I think I want to move in! Your blocks are wonderful. Hope you get lots of sewing time in this big snow day!


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