Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stepping Stones finish... and KonMari

Each year (since 2013) I make one of these Stepping Stones quilts for an upcoming 'graduate' of an orphanage in Tokyo.  This year I have "Sara" who wanted blue and pink.  A little pink goes a long way against the blues.  

Backed and bound with some wild Kaffe Fassett fabric -

All set to be packed into David's carryon the next time he travels to Tokyo!

Meanwhile.... a big clean-up and clean-out in the office/sewing room...

We are prepping the house to be sold...  We are in no rush... but it feels time to downsize and simplify.  This 1752 farmhouse is ready for its next steward!

This means a LOT of decluttering... which is just the best feeling.  KonMari!   I love a creative mess, but a good straightening up and cleaning out gives such a feeling of calm and clarity.  I need more of that, and less anxiety and depression, in my life.  Having less stuff around does help!

In the process of decluttering, I texted with my daughters a lot... do you want this?  do you want that?

My middle daughter wants this family of vintage kokeshi dolls as a memento of our time in Japan (which included her senior year of high school).  Aren't their faces so charming?  I have another grouping ready for her older sister.

And on this snowy Saturday afternoon... with chores all but done... there is time to nurse a cold... watch some Netflix... catch up on quilting blogs... list out my current projects.... and piece a few blocks!


  1. Minimizing and decluttering are so positive -- hard work but so rewarding in many different ways.

  2. Beautiful blue stepping stone quilt for such a good cause.
    I wish you all the best with selling and finding a new home. We are trying to sell too. I honestly don't mind down sizing and living a simpler live like you say.

  3. Great job of tidying up. I am still trying to find things I moved aside when NHK came. I think I make a bigger mess looking for things.

  4. Wow you do such a great job of de-cluttering...couldnt you just come on by and help me. I am hopeless

  5. Bravo on your decluttering and simplifying. Moving is a good motivator for doing that. It will feel good when it's all done. Your graduation quilt pattern is a fabulous simple design for a special person. It could be interpreted in lots of different fun ways.

  6. Oh what a sweet thing to do. A splendid gift! I'm not sure I am ready for downsizing, although I know it is to come eventually. As for decluttering, I could definitely use some of that. It is kind of like dieting - I know it will make me feel good in the end, but I have trouble with the "starting" process. I hope the next "stewards" will be as loving to your gem as you have been.

  7. It's inspiring to see your progress on 'clearing out' and I'm sincerely hoping it rubs off on me! LOL

  8. What a lovely quilt for a new 'graduate'! Decluttering is very rewarding and steward is the perfect word to describe the next owner of your house. So fitting :) Best of luck!


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