Monday, May 2, 2016

Gwennie-Inspired Medallion Group - round one!

I have been wanting to:
1.  Make a medallion quilt
2.  Make a colorful improvisational quilt
3.  Just insert some easy fun into my quilting life

Then, Lori of Humble Quilts put out a request for ideas for collaboration with other bloggers... and I'm happy to say that five of us are teaming up to make "Gwennie-Inspired Medallion Quilts".  Yay!

I ordered Gwen's Liberated Medallion Quilts and I'm loving it!  Pure fun and inspiration.  (hint: Martha Washington knew how to improvise!)

In our Gwennie Inspired Medallion Group we will each have a turn determining the theme for one round of the quilt.

Here we are - and we are all making a start today:

Lori at Humble Quilts  (center - May) - BASKETS
Yours truly (second - June)
Cathy at Big Lake Quilter (third - July)
Katy at KatyQuilts (fourth - August)
Wendy at The Constant Quilter (fifth - September)

Can't wait to see how everyone interprets each theme.  May's theme is BASKETS as set by Lori.

I'm going to make this quilt "freehand" as much as possible, with contemporary fabrics.  FREE AND EASY.  I favor reproductions but sometimes these kinds of gorgeous modern fabrics call my name.  I went to one of my LQS's last week "for just a few solids" with this project in mind...  but came home with this (you know how it goes):

Checking the value/contrast with the black and white camera view.  Need more light-lights.

That wild print brings me back to my childhood!

Want to join in?  We would love to see what you come up with!

Here's what to do in May:

1.  Make a "liberated" (your definition of liberated) BASKET center for your medallion quilt.

2.  Check back in on June 6th for show and tell, and to get the second round's theme!

Have fun!


  1. Love your selection of fabric! The radiance lace would be an awesome focus fabric!!

  2. I too love your fabric. It is going to be fun seeing what we all come up with. Hugs

  3. This is going to be so fun to watch each quilt develop while I plod along with all my other in-progress projects. That radiance fabric is spectacular.

  4. Oh wow! Love your fabric choices. I too am going to "try" to be liberated in my color choices at least. I can't wait to see the first round!

  5. Love your fabric combo and sure your block will be stunning.

  6. It looks like a fantastic project for all of you, as well as for those of us enjoying from the sidelines.

  7. Hi Cynthia! Your blog is new to me. I am going to join in the Gwennie-Inspired Medallion project. Great fabric choices! It is going to be really fun to see what everyone comes up with!

  8. You are embarking on yet another interesting project. Great idea to use the black and white setting on your camera to see the value of the fabric.
    Have a great time stitching!

  9. That fabric is a wonderful starting place.:) Will be so fun to see all the different versions!

  10. I love that you grabbed those red rain drops! I need to figure out what fabrics I want to use for my basket.

  11. Sounds like a great project--fun, too! Can't wait to see the results :)

  12. I'm in Cynthia! I love the fabrics you chose !

  13. What fun! I don't think I can fit in another project, but I'll follow along what's happening. I love baskets, so I'll be so interested in the following border themes.

  14. Such a fun Idea! I live in the Netherlands but have lots of books written by Gwen, this one too. Lov her work.
    Have fun with the medallion quilts. I will follow on instagram too.

  15. I have my basket done. It is no way liberated. I am not sure that word is in my vocabulary. My goal for this quilt along is to learn to be more free. Not sure how that will work, but I will try.

  16. I would love to join you,it is such a great idea, I just LOVE Gwennie's liberated style!

    I will decide next week -if it is still possible to join. I have some work to end up before!
    Anyway I will follow you, several French friends are already in!
    Katell, Toulouse, France


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