Thursday, September 27, 2018

This and that

I've been enjoying Barbara Brackman's block of the month Antebellum Album... but today I realized I sort of felt "done" with the fabrics I'd chosen to use ... so I finished up by making a little top - maybe for a future grandchild (?) or maybe as a comfort quilt for my Guild.

I think it's pretty sweet.   And since I recently took a great class at Quilted Threads on using rulers for machine quilting....

 I will practice using rulers in quilting this little top. 

The top middle block above wasn't part of Barbara's blocks - it's a Rolling Stone.  I'd made it to experiment with a possible block to use for my daughter Noelle's wedding quilt (she was married in March and so she and husband Keenan get a quilt for their first Christmas as a married couple;).  

Noelle and Keenan want grays and blues... 

I decided on 9" inch blocks...

to include some Japanese indigo and tsumugi:

 Blocks for miles... I've tried all kinds of settings but in the end I do think I will set them side by side like this:

I did spend almost all day today, in the sewing room.  I really try to schedule one full day a week to quilting, when I can.  That means scheduling the days ahead of time.  I usually put on an Audible book, or watch/listen to a familiar movie, or watch/listen to some light TV show on Hulu (current favorite is Brooklyn 99) .... but today I watched/listened to the Kavanaugh hearing, the whole thing, and shed some tears.  

But to end this post on a lighter note... check out this cute cat... simple 12" block which was one of the block patterns offered at our Guild meeting this week.  The idea is to piece a block, and bring it in.  There is a raffle, so some lucky quilter gets the whole pile of blocks.  It will be cute to see what everyone uses for buttons.  I do think a whole quilt of various cats would be adorable but I am very carefully NOT starting any new projects right now.  Anyway,  I think I would add whiskers and a little smile to each cat;).    


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Quilty Inspiration - and Hamilton! - in Chicago

Last week David and I visited Chicago for the first time - mainly to see Hamilton (!) - and we spent the afternoon at the excellent - I mean outstanding! - Art Institute.

Here's David with his faves - Impressionism -

I went straight for textiles (descriptions follow photos):

 How about this awesome Samoan Tapa cloth:

These are all part of an exhibit called Music and Movement: Rhythm in Textile Design.

Always a complete TREAT to run across a Faith Ringgold piece, in person.  Bessie's Blues, with a Bessie Smith song playing in the background:

What a special piece: 

Modern as can be: 

The real treat of the day was seeing our young friend Colby Lewis (watch for him - he's a rising star for sure! - and he will be appearing in the new season of Chicago Med on NBC) perform Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton.  He was spectacular - the whole cast was.  It was an amazing show.  All the feels - laughs and tears.

And, as a bonus, Barb Vedder (Fun with Barb) was there at the same performance and so we got to say hi and gush over how great the show was.  It's a small quilty world;).

In other news... well there isn't other news.  We are still floating on a high after seeing this show!  But I leave you with... ladies looking at art:


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Churn Dash finish

OK I am really on a roll, finishing up projects.  August is over and I have met my goals, almost!

These gorgeous Churn Dash swap blocks from Fun with Barb.... what fun to piece these all together, randomly.  Any variations (eh hem) in size - sort of didn't matter to me - I just lobbed these blocks together and made this little quilt.

If you are a swapper and you are concerned about points matching up, I highly recommend this as a first step: frame each block in muslin, and then trim to consistent sizes. Some of these blocks were "off" by more than 1/4", which makes a big difference for sure.  I hadn't noticed until I was already piecing it, so I just pressed on and managed my expectations for accuracy;).  

Machine quilted it simply, quickly, casually,  in a Hanging Diamonds fashion.  Monofilament thread in the needle.

I attached the binding by machine too this time.  It is ready for me to donate to our Guild's Comfort Quilt outreach next month.

Thank you again Barb and all the swappers!