Friday, June 22, 2018

Antebellum album catch up

Finally got caught up on my Antebellum Album blocks (the BOM from Barbara Brackman, who provides us with fascinating history lessons too each month, with each new block).

The blue linen is gorgeous but so difficult to work with.   Starch, starch, starch!

Block #5, Cross and Crown -

Quaker Pride -

Friendship Star - I had a lot of trouble with this one and ended up doing a LeMoyne Star instead (with the circle appliqu├ęd on):

It's OK, but the actual Friendship Star block really is so special.  Check out these examples I saw at the Worcester Historical Museum:

They remind me of "spritz" - the little Christmas cookies I grew up making with my Mom.

Meanwhile, the peonies bloomed last week - I just love them -

And David and I are off to Vermont for a quick night and day - fly fishing for David, Vermont Quilt Festival for me (I'm taking a class).


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

sashiko and mending

I gave a sashiko demo at our Guild show last month but didn't take any photos - sometimes you have to just be in the moment;).  It sure is fun to sit and stitch and talk sashiko though.  Earlier in the month I gave some small group demos during our regular Guild meeting.  Someone snapped a photo of me sharing this furoshiki project - those motifs aren't fans per se - they are chrysanthemum sections: 

One of my students at Cobblestone Quilts finished her project.  It is gorgeous and creative - she put her own personal twist in, with the red, and adding the fireflies.  Well done, Dale! 

I'm also in the process of doing some mending.  A few weeks ago I mended my sister in law's favorite jeans.  I loved this project!  I hope they are wearing OK.

When I'm mending something, I feel like I'm getting a little closer to understanding wabi sabi...

Looking forward to some sashiko dyeing at Vermont Quilt Festival next weekend!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Chelmsford Quilters' Guild Show

Chelmsford Quilters' Guild Show 

I didn't put a quilt into the show this year and really regret not getting it together to do so.  You know those certain periods of life where you feel spread thin?  That's me right now.  

The show was so nice.  I did a low key sashiko demo on Saturday and loved sitting, stitching, and introducing sashiko to various individuals and small groups.  Forgot to snap a photo!  

I also helped with "white glove" duty on Saturday which I love to do.  

Here is a small sampling of my faves from the show: 

Cyndi Muiznieks' quilt:

 Jean Whiting's quilt:

And this HAND pieced and quilted beauty, by Maryann Geiser, hands down my favorite in the show:

And lastly this one by Karen Smith, my dear neighbor when we moved to Massachusetts from Maryland years ago.  Quilting helps keep us connected! 

In other news, David and I attended a function at this cool venue - the Bennett Public Library -  in Billerica MA (yes we moved to New Hampshire but keep getting pulled back to MA!) -

Don't we quilters see APPLIQUE in rose windows like these?