Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fun with Barb modern swap blocks and Happy Thanksgiving in Tokyo

I've done several of Barb's swaps and decided this time to do the modern swap versus the repro swap, since I don't have a lot of modern scraps, and repro fabric isn't available in Japan.

We are to use a black and white print for the center, and any bright for the star points.

Ta-da - the stars are all finished and mailed, ahead of the holiday crunch.  Can't wait to see the variety that comes back my way!

Barb has a really good tutorial for making the flying geese units here:

Meanwhile, we have some of our kids here in town this week for Thanksgiving, camping out in our little apartment.   It is so wonderful to have them here.  

Tommy brought a couple of things for me to mend, and asked for a patch on the pocket of these jeans.  I LOVE doing this kind of thing. 

Finally some fall color in the park near our apartment!! 

The spider statue at Roppongi Hills - a familiar meeting spot from when we lived here when Kaela and Tommy were students: 
Joe, Kaela, Tommy

Lots of Christmas "illuminations" around the city: 

team Lab Borderless - digital art museum - really special experience (though oh so crowded...): 

David, me, Tommy

Ha ha, didn't notice that Tommy photo bombed our lame selfie: 

In a few hours we are going to our favorite Yaki Niku place for our non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  

To tell the truth, I haven't missed all the prep and cooking of a traditional Thanksgiving... but next year I WILL figure out making a pumpkin pie!  The sweet thing was our other daughter Noelle Facetiming me from NC as she's making her first ever pumpkin pie.  Needed to check the jiggle of that pie as it finished cooking.  

Thankful for Facetime!!!  For family, health, faith, our many blessings, too many to count.  

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone celebrating!


Friday, November 22, 2019

Kimono quilts, and Engakuji Temple in Kita-Kamakura

Last weekend we went to the Kita-Kamakura Ko Minka Museum (Ko = old; Minka = private house) to see this marvelous exhibit of Amélie Degeorge Hayashi -

A lovely timber framed home, transformed into a quiet, evocative art space: 

Here are a few of the pieces from the exhibit - "Kimonos Anciens Retour au Quotidien" - "Old kimonos transformed into the everyday"

Emélie has a background in French couture.  She has artfully repurposed old kimonos destined to be thrown out.  The very essence of "mottainai" - waste not.  The exhibit represented decades of work.  

Some very delicate sashiko:

Just a beautiful setting for such beautiful pieces:

The exhibit runs til January 26th.

The little museum is right next to a beautiful sprawling Zen Buddhist temple, Engakuji.  It was so wonderful to explore the compound in the fresh autumn air.

It was very quiet.  We were happy to avoid the inevitably big crowds one station stop away at Kamakura. 

Just a gorgeous day in Kita-Kamakura.

This gal had great "train legs" - standing so steady in the moving train as she worked her sudoku puzzle:

Til next time -


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Progress on log cabin, and indigo dyeing

The past couple weeks I've been making progress on David's log cabin quilt.  I chose this layout and pieced it in chunks: 

Chunks 1 and 2 pieced together: 

So fun to have the top finished! 

Then on to layering... 

And tying with indigo sashiko thread. 

All the while nursing a cold... lots of Netflix, meds, herbal tea and cough drops...  

Anyway always gratifying to get to the binding stage!  Single fold this time as the fabric was really thick.  I really like the walking foot when attaching binding.   

And now I plan to add optional big stitch sashiko style stitching here and there throughout the quilt - 

Meanwhile, this morning I really enjoyed a low-key small group indigo dyeing class.  Always so fun. 

Til next time -