Tuesday, March 28, 2017

more little improv log cabins

The other day I finished up my little improv log cabins.

I set them into groups of four, roughly alternating between dark (with light centers) and light (with dark centers).   I make the rule and then break the rule (of course!):

Pretty fun to play around with setting ideas:

For now it gets put away, because "life" is in the way and other projects take precedence.  One day soon I will shop for some good setting fabric.  Twist my arm!

Go visit C├ęcile at Patchwork Inspirations and Bea at A Needle in a Haystack to see lots of versions.  I think I'm past the deadline.  Thank you for the fun QAL ladies! 

#QAL2017logcabin on Instagram.   (I am @cynthiananto there)... I do love Instagram!

Hope everyone is having a good quilty day.  It is rainy, gloomy and just blah here in my neck of the woods.  Looking forward already to some good quilting time tomorrow afternoon.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fall Festival Month 2

Catching up with Fall Festival (Jan Patek pattern).

Yesterday was a snowy day - perfect quilting day.   Click here to see lots of other versions - thanks for the sew-along, Lori!  The deadlines are so helpful in keeping me keepin' on.

I appliqued the stars (freezer paper on the back - invisible machine applique - messy but fun - and soaking the blocks to loosen the paper/glue did show me that the purple is not colorfast - good to know now) - then...

A little string piecing for the large star:

Reverse applique would have been a good idea.  Next time.

This is my "new" sewing space - pared way way down!

We transformed my sewing room back into a kids' bedroom, for the purposes of showing our house:

We brought down all the kids books from our attic "book nook" -

But back to the point.... Fall Festival!  Finally late last night as I was FaceTiming with dear daughter Kaela (a sure cure for the blues), I finished up this kitty cat (substituting for the turkey):

AND speaking of dear daughters, Noelle got engaged this week to her partner Keenan - they are so happy, and we are so happy for them!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Medallion with Sashiko - finished at last

Ta-da!  Gwennie (Gwen Marston) Inspired Medallion Quilt finished at last!  We were challenged to interpret the following themes:

Basket (center) chosen by Lori at Humble Quilts
Childhood chosen by... me
Log Cabin as chosen by Cathy at Big Lake Quilter
Stars as chosen by Katy at KatyQuilts
"Something fishy"  as chosen by Wendy at The Constant Quilter

I do think if I had to do it all over again, I would have made my "something fishy" border much narrower, and added a very dark or very bright outer border.   And if not for this challenge, I would have stopped after the narrow log cabin border after the sashiko and called it all good as a wall hanging!

All that said,  I am SO THRILLED with the custom machine quilting by Hannah's Longarm Quilting in NH.  I looked at this quilt as a collaboration and so asked Hannah to quilt it however she wanted to quilt it and WOW... the results are fabulous!  Way beyond anything I would have thought to do or have the skill to do!

In so many places, the quilting echoed elements of the piecing/applique/sashiko.  I found it quite touching!  

And then the borders!!  Whoa!!!! 

For the backing, I used what I happened to have on hand from my quickly dwindling stash of Japanese fabrics: 

Thank you again Lori (Humble Quilts) for organizing us for this fun challenge!