Thursday, April 18, 2024

Scrappy Ohio Stars with Carol's pieces

I really got into the flow of making these scrappy Ohio Stars, something sparked by Taryn (Repro Quilt Lover) on Instagram.  I've incorporated a couple of my grandma's shirts, as well as fabric from David's Aunt Masako. 

And then on such a poignant note, my dear friend Tona's Mom (and Masako's dear friend), Carol Younce, passed away after a battle with breast cancer.  Carol was a prolific quilter and such a generous, smart, cheerful person.  Tona sent me a pieced star and a bunch of star pieces, with a note saying the pieces were found at Carol's sewing/ironing station.  

I immediately recognized that Carol must have been following along with Taryn's Instagram too! 

I don't know how to quite put this, but it seems I've reached an age where my peers' parents are starting to pass away.  My own Mom died in 1999, at age 55, when I was 35.  It was so rough (also cancer) and I still miss her, so so much.  I so wish I'd had more years with her.  But I had my Grandma for many years after that, and I have my step mother as well as many motherly figures over the years.  For my kids' sake, I hope I live into old age (what age is old??).  

Last month David and I went to San Francisco for a week.  We had a wonderful time.  

The bus system is easy, clean, convenient: 

Out and about with the girls: 

Snuggles and cuddles -  

Botanical Garden with Tommy and Camille - 

Camille is wearing her Grandma's jean skirt (from the 90's I'd guess?) - how cute is that?!  

Back on the homefront... just for fun, I made this easy sixteen-patch made with my bin of 3 1/2 inch squares, and blues from my stash.  It will be for donation.   

Very fun yellow "cat" backing - I got it long ago in Japan, for a song.  I can't remember why I bought it, but it enlivens this little quilt nicely.   I'm in a stash-busting mood. 

Speaking of stash, with David in Japan again for business this week, I've gotten out my stash of indigo (vintage and new) to contemplate another sashiko throw.  Contemplation quickly turns to piecing.  I just love this kind of improv piecing, and working with indigo.  I'm thinking of adding in some Liberty Tana Lawn as well.  Why not?  There are no rules. 





  1. What a burst of creativity! The Stars are lovely, in so many ways, esp memories of loved ones, a quilting tradition. And the indigo improv will be beautiful. Fun travels and visits too. You are really enjoying Spring this year!


  2. Love the star blocks, especially with the double pink.
    Your sweet granddaughters are getting so big! The twins must be 2 years old now?
    How old is old? I'd say about 20-25 years older than we are today! I still have my denim skirt from the 90s, and still occasionally try to wear it when I drop a few pounds. Enjoy working with your indigo fabrics! I'm hoping to use some of my little collection of yukata pieces this year.

  3. How special to use some of your friends scraps and blocks! It does mean a lot.
    So wonderful you get to spend time with the kids even when they are so far. We made a short trip to SFO last week and it was wonderful!

  4. Your stars are delightful, Cynthia! The red/pink alternate fabric is perfect! How fun to use fabric from the clothing of people you love. I'm sorry about Carol lost the batting with breast cancer. Lovely Tona sent you her stars. They look just as scrappy as the ones in Taryn's quilt.
    San Francisco looks like it was lots of fun. Those little grandgirls of yours are growing so fast! It doesn't seem like the twins should be old enough to walk.
    Camille looks great in her grandmother's skirt!
    That's a great donation quilt. I really should get busy and just cut and sew instead of deliberate so much.
    The colors and fabrics for your sashiko throw are beautiful together.

  5. Here is another of your wonderful finishes. The pink is so pleasing and also in this quilt you have added a lot of memories.
    As for the new indigo quilt, I think it is a great idea to add Liberty lawn to it.
    I am so happy to see you had the chance to visit your family in California.

  6. Lots of good things happening in your world, Cynthia! I just love that you now have a star and fabric pieces that belonged to Carol. What a treasure!


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