Thursday, August 18, 2022

Dollie quilts

Given the likely crazy few weeks ahead, I am sharing a "mini" of sorts a little early.  These two dollie quilts were cut and finished by my Grandma Mary Lou in the early 90's, from a tiny Grandmother's Flower Garden top she rescued: 

She meander machine quilted the white backgrounds, and tied the centers of each "flower" - 

They are so charming and sweet.  

And now they are packed away.  *All* of my quilting stuff is ready to move over to the "dated-but-new-to-us" townhouse next month: 

This does not even include all the quilting stuff I had in Tokyo, which was part of our "sea shipment."   It's just too much stuff.   Sometimes I daydream about chucking it all and taking up embroidery, watercolor, and knitting - all of which, combined, would take up far less space! 

In other news... David and I have been walloped by Covid.   We had avoided it for SO long that it was sort of a shock to get it.  The worst symptoms for me have been bad headache (like, scary bad) and extreme fatigue.  We are on the upswing I think, and counting the days til we will safely be able to visit with people again.  

With September right around the corner, I've also been considering joining a local quilt guild.  I feel shy about it, but I think it might be a good idea.  What about you... do you participate in a local guild? 




  1. Sorry to hear about the covid - you all avoided it for a long time, and thankfully now there are more treatments and so on available. My husband and I had it in early June and were really out of commission for 2 weeks - so please allow yourself recuperation time!


  2. So sorry about coming down with that nasty Covid!!
    Those dolly quilts are just adorable--love them...Hope you feel up to par soon...hugs, Julierose

  3. Oh, such sweet little treasures you have there!
    So sorry to hear about your bout with COVID. All of our children and grandchildren had been affected (some of them twice), but we had escaped--until June. It will find us all eventually, I'm afraid.
    It is at times concerning how much space quilting occupies in our home--but I don't have a plan to change. LOL
    I wish you well with your move--and what would it hurt to give a guild a whirl? I joined one for the first time in January. A small group with the special interest of miniature quilts. I found my people!

  4. Those dollies quilts are as sweet as they can be! Wishing you a speedy and full recovery from covid. It took us a month to begin losing the fatigue, though we're older than you so that probably made things worse. I was in a quilt guild the last couple years we lived in Oregon, here we have our little quilt ministry group that I coordinate (or try to, lol). Because of widely varying skill and interest levels we don't do group quilts, everyone just brings their own projects to work on and it's more a fellowship group now.

  5. I recognize those black cat Yamato boxes. Sorry to hear you and your husband caught covid! The current variants are so contagious. The doll quilts are very sweet. I highly recommend joining a guild! It’s a great way to meet likeminded people and make new friends. I really miss guild meetings and friends now that I am in Japan. I do have a little stitch group that usually meets once a month, but we are taking a break due to the high covid numbers.

  6. It always feels like you have too much stuff when you're in the midst of packing and moving. Quilting really does take a lot of supplies if you don't want to continually be shopping. I think I'd throw out half my closet before half of my quilting stuff though! lol Sorry about the Covid. It does seem to hit some rather hard.

  7. Sending you get well wishes for a quick recovery from Covid. My husband and I had it last month - mild cases, thanks to the vaccine and boosters. The doll quilts are wonderful and perfect with those dolls! I’ve been in the same house for 38 years and can’t imagine moving. It is a good opportunity to purge unneeded items, but it’s added work. Self care is really important with all you’ve got coming up!!

  8. After 2+ years we got covid recently as well! Oh the headaches! I had to make a point of walking outside to get my strength back. I hope you both are on the mend quickly!
    Love those little dolly quilts- so charming!!
    Good luck with the move.

  9. I'm so so sorry to hear about your covid cases. I'm glad you are feeling better. I am traveling this week and really hope not to get it, but I wonder if it is inevitable.
    Those little GFG dolly quilts and dollies are so sweet.
    Oh what a big job to be moving all the quilting stuff. I'm cleaning up and out here and there.
    I wish you a full recovery!!!

  10. Your dollie quilts are delightful, and I love the little cloth dolls. Did you make them and their clothes?
    Would you really love to give up quilting and playing with fabrics to gain the space? This little room where I sew quilts is becoming too full, though I've hardly bought new fabric lately, and I know I need to sort and eliminate but beginning is such a challenge! For you, four boxes plus that from Japan doesn't seem like too much. Will your new home have plenty of space for your sewing and quilt making?
    I'm so very sorry to hear that you and David have had Covid but glad to read that you're on the mend. I hope you don't have any lasting after-effects.

  11. Oh, what sweet little quilts your grandma made. Did she also make the fabric dolls? I'm so sorry to hear about your Covid woes. I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Oh, I'm so sorry your sick. The headaches were the worst part for me. I hope you snap back quickly. I enjoyed your comment about knitting or doing water color. I've had the same thought many a time when a project is taking so long to finish. I've thought, if I were painting I would have been done weeks ago. I also wonder why I chose a hobby that involves sticking myself over and over as I hand quilt. Sometimes my hands are so sore. Sweet little quilts.

  13. OMG Covid..the scary Covid. Sorry you got a bad dose of it. You stilllllll have not moved and unpacked. My heart hurts for you. Seems like forever for you xoxoox Sending love

  14. Oh those are so precious!
    I bet you’ll be glad when all the packing and moving are behind you. Leaving you more time to sew, of course!

  15. The doll quilts are charming, a good adaption for some precious vintage materials! Sorry to here the covid caught you :( I wish you a speedy recovery!!
    Yes! I have belonged to my local guild for 25 years. It's has been wonderful to be apart of such a active and creative group of women (and a few men) :)

  16. Oh dear! I hope you are better now! Just being a little sick (I had a summer cold last week) makes the world seem gray.

    Your dollie quilts are such heirlooms! What treasures!


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