Sunday, August 29, 2021

Flower Power 6, and outings

Another little collage: 

I started with this little piece of vintage indigo.  It's impossible to see on the photo, but it has stitching on it.  I have no idea - maybe this was part of a mend to a futon cover.  In any case, it is beautiful old indigo and kasuri and it just looked like a good little flower vase to me.  I ended up turning it on end and then back again. 

Just playing around with shapes and layout: 

A little flannel board is nice.  The blue check is from one of Tommy's old shirts:  

Please visit Wendy's blog The Constant Quilter to see more minis!  Thank you Wendy! 

In other news, I've finished one week out of quarantine and I made it count!  I had something to do each day, whether it was a trip to the post office, or an outing.  

I went solo to an amazing exhibit of Hokusai sketches just ten minutes from our apartment, at Midtown: 

Even the carpeting was covered in his drawings: 

And I was invited to an English Flower Garden in Yokohama.  It was really small and just lovely.  We could stroll the whole thing in 30 minutes.  Got eaten by mosquitos and it felt like 100 degrees out, so, any longer would have been too long anyway!   There were five people, total, in the garden, from what I could tell.  

These glass "furin" (Japanese wind chimes) were just magical.  They sounded so pretty in the breeze, off and on: 

The gentle swaying of a Weeping Willow: 

I loved the various benches (I'm sure pre-Covid, they would have been occupied):  

Even vaccinated, I'm still being careful (no large group events and I'm not keen on a lot of indoor time outside the apartment) but it was very nice to have an outing with (vaccinated) friends and see something quiet and beautiful.  The world just seems to be blowing up on so many fronts.  It's hard to not be consumed with anxiety about it all.  

On a lighter note, earlier in the week I enjoyed some  kakigori  with another friend.  Kakigori is an old-timey dessert of shaved ice.  Lots of delicious options on a "feels like 100 degrees" day.  Mango and milk for me. 


Notice the Dixie-sized cup of water, next to the giant mountain of shaved ice, lol.  

The ice collapses down as you eat it, into a slushy sweet mess.  Yum.  




  1. You have been to a flower garden, but you have another one at home - with Flower Power collage. Love the indigo and how you have added other pieces of fabric.
    You live in a nice area, close to various cultural hot spots. The Hokusai exhibition must have been a treat.
    They say that autumn will come early this year so the sweltering heat might soon be just a memory!
    Continue to stay safe and well.

  2. Squeeaaall! I love this new flower mini. The size, shape and everything about it is such a delight. It must makes me smile.
    That art installation is wild. what a talent.
    Mmmmm that shaved ice looks good. Mango? Orange?
    I'm so glad you are out of quarantine.

  3. Your indigo minis get more delightful each time. I love how you puzzle them together. Glad you've been getting out once again. Fun adventures.

  4. I see that you got spam too. I just deleted mine..Glad you had an outing or two..very hot here in the carolinas too Crazy life, sewing saves the day xo

  5. Your little collages creations are such a delight, love this flower power one. Enjoy your freedom to wander again.

  6. So glad your are out of quarantine and taking full advantage of the good weather. Your mini is delightful. I hope you put these into a grouping when you get a permanent residence back in the US. I'd love to see the wall hangings all together. The voice in your written word sounds more happy.

  7. Your minis are delightful, from fabric to color to shape, all just wonderful.
    Those glass bells -- I hope they take them down if there are high winds.
    The art exhibit is amazing. (I think it would feel a little claustrophobic to me.)
    The English garden benches look so inviting. I'm sure they would be great in spring or fall, maybe not so much in summer's head and humidity.
    So glad your isolation is over and you can get out a bit. I'm being cautious, too. Even with the (experimental) vaccine, people can get Covid, be asymptomatic, and pass it to others. I'm sure you'll continue to be careful. When, oh when, will this ever end? Or will it?

  8. The indigo scrap is lovely, something small, used, but perfect. I love how you use these textiles.

    The garden and exhibit look wonderful, so exhilarating to get out I imagine, tho perhaps it is very hot?

    The ice treat! How perfect.



  9. These amazing minis are really getting my creative juices flowing. I love how you just play with these gorgeous fabrics and turn them into works of art! I also love that the fabrics themselves are filled with memories. So happy that you out of quarantine. Thanks for another great mini and enjoy that shaved ice!

  10. Once again your imrov collage is inspiring! I had no idea the Japanese had a shaved ice tradition. In New Orleans we call these snowballs - very finely ground ice with custom-made syrup flavors. Perfect for our tropical temperatures!

  11. As always, I thoroughly enjoy your photos of all your activities in Japan and keep my fingers crossed that I can some day take another trip there. Your mini flower quilt collage is another winner!! I love that the fabrics have meaning and memories.

  12. So glad for you that you are getting out now, even in small groups. Thank you for taking us along on your outing, love those benches. Oh, and that is a cute scrappy mini!

  13. Another mini beauty! I am such a fan of your little collages and love seeing how you create these special pieces. Thanks for taking us along on your outings. So many interesting places to visit!

  14. Another delightful collage piece, Cynthia! You really need a place to show these together.
    That looks like an incredibly immersive art experience.
    Love the English garden. What a beautiful place, with such unique benches. Too bad it was so hot and buggy. Was it humid, too?
    The kakigori looks very refreshing.
    Glad you are out of quarantine and able to get out and about now.

  15. Oh my goodness, I just love that basket quilt collage!
    Glad you are finally able to be out and about. That garden looks amazing and so nice there wasn't many people.
    I've had to shut off the news. I only get bits and pieces on social media. It was making me way too stressed.

  16. That museum is amazing!
    I missed kakigori this year. I guess I just wasn't out (because of sheltering down) when the heat was at its worst!

  17. You have found some great places to explore. Your little flower pot is so charming. I need to find uses for some of my gathering scraps.Glad you are finally out of quarantine. See you soon.


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