Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Appliqué update - Ladies' Aid and Poppy's Polka Dot

We get our COVID tests today, ahead of flying to the U.S. on Saturday.   We are in full prep mode and our apartment looks like a cyclone hit it.  

I'm trying to decide what handwork to bring on our trip. I'm paralyzed by indecision.  I've only had 11 months to figure this out, lol.   I will be gone a month, so this matters!  I know my fellow quilters will understand! 

I may bring appliqué - I already have some blocks traced and "kitted out" for back-basting. 


These blocks are from the Ladies' Aid New York Sampler - offered by Barbara Brackman on her Civil War Quilts blog.   I purchased the complete set on her Etsy site so that I could plan a little better. 

The latest block (this charming horsey) is offered here.    

Big 15" blocks.  

I am going for: 

  • faded out, "taupey" 
  • soft, subtle 
  • sentimental and flowery
  • plenty of  blue 

My other appliqué project is Poppy's Polka Dot Flower Garden, free patterns for 9" blocks from Sentimental Stitches here.   This is a long term two year project and I adore these little blocks!  

Here are my four most recent blocks: 

Am I the only one who feels anxious without some sort of handwork when traveling?  I'd love to know about your favorite portable projects! 

xo gratefully



  1. You have some lovely projects to pack for your trip.
    Personally I want to keep it as simple as possible. First of all I find I have little time to quilt/stitch - there are too many gatherings and meetings with people.
    Secondly, if I have to be on the move I don't want to misplace things and I definitely don't want to loose my scissors in an airport inspection. One piece of free form embroidery, a good set of threads, one needle dedicated to the project and a few more for back up, a thread cutter. That is all.
    HOWEVER, were I to go to an isolated place and meet no one I would take a more advanced project to work on, sit in the shade and just relax with my stitching.
    A notebook to pen down ideas, space in the suitcase for purchases will be good to prepare, too.
    Enjoy your trip! Stay safe!

  2. I even prepare things to do on the train .. just in case I manage to get a seat ... and something to read in case I don't. Have a great trip.

  3. Every year I've gone to the bach for our long summer hols, taking a selection of projects - sometimes easy hand stitching, sometimes cutting out prep, sometimes even piecing, taking my sewing machine too! And, every year I come back home with not a single thing touched! Enjoy your trip.

  4. I always have a project with me in case I have the time or the inclination to work on it. Just "knowing" that it's there seems to satisfy my need even though I may never even look at it. I'm loving your Ladies Aid blocks in those soft colors. Wish I had started Poppy's Polka Dots. I really like that quilt and your blocks look great!

  5. Have a safe and happy trip! I love your applique blocks! Good choice for your trip!

  6. Have a wonderful trip! I'm also off to stay with my mom in Florida, so I understand your stitching dilemma. Love the scheme for your Ladies Aid blocks. Your latest PPDG blocks look great! I'm way behind but hope to refocus before the end of the summer...

  7. Have a fantastic time. Your applique is beautiful. Hugs

  8. I bet you are so exited to go on your trip! Of course you must have some hand work—lol! I love your version of the Ladies Aid blocks. I don’t know how I have ended up doing them with no blue. I’ve been saving The Poppy’s blocks but haven’t started yet. Your blocks are pretty cute! Safe travels!

  9. I always take some kind of handwork. I take piecing or appliqué, cross stitch, or my knitting. Have fun in the US. Hugs,

  10. These will be great blocks to work on while you're traveling.
    Looks like you are leaving for the Olympics?
    Safe Travels and have a wonderful visit!

  11. I think hand appliqué is great for traveling and is what I usually go with; EPP is a decent alternative. This summer I’m taking one border for my Stars and Sprigs quilt on each of our 2 separate weeks away. Each border has 229 leaves to appliqué!! Have a wonderful time, especially with your granddaughter!!

  12. Hand applique is always a perfect travel choice. After you get to the states, you're going to have very little tiny to stitch. You'll be playing.

  13. Your projects are beautiful! Have a safe journey and a wonderful visit home!

  14. I always take tatting with me. It only requires a spool of crochet thread (or whatever I'm using) and one small shuttle. Small scissors are always nice but teeth serve in a pinch!

  15. I am sure you are already here in the States, enjoying the company of your family and precious Charlotte, and you've already made your decisions about which blocks to take. They are all so wonderful. I hope you're having fun.
    I can completely identify with needing to have handwork on a trip. I'm currently trying to decide what to take if I travel with my daughter for a few days at the end of the month or beginning of August. Must choose!

  16. Your prep work is so fine! Handwork is definetly the best tonic for a long flight or car ride! Safe travels!!!!


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