Thursday, May 21, 2020

Humble Quilts doll swap quilt - Birds in the Air... on a slow boat?

This is the quilt I sent over a month ago, and haven't heard whether it's arrived to its destination in Spokane, but I sort of doubt it has.  In my last post, I showed you the quilt I received from the swap - from Lori herself - and I love it!

The one I made was inspired by a quilt I saw in the book Hidden Treasures by Lori Lee Triplett and Kay Triplett:

I used good Nogawa indigo from the family-run indigo factory David and I visited two years ago.  It is the deepest deepest indigo!

I also wanted to use a wide variety of scraps in the quilt, so I used a lot of pinks and browns -

And attached the scrappy border, log cabin style:

See so many special little doll quilts here at Lori's blog. 

I don't *think* Robin reads my blog but on the off chance she does - Robin.... so sorry this quilt is late getting to you!  I thought it would fly airmail..... birds in the air and all - but instead I'm sure it's on a slow boat!

UPDATE July 14 - quilt arrived!  I will never take airmail for granted again.  Just got a nice email from Robin. I'm so relieved it finally made it!  



  1. I love how you interpreted the original quilt--very sweet! I hope it turns up soon--very nerve wracking for sure.

  2. You created a priceless little gem, Cynthia. Really am loving your version of this.
    I am also not surprised by how slowly it is traveling. I sent a little parcel to Canada the first week of April, and I just had an email on Tuesday of this week that it had finally arrived! And it didn't even have to cross an ocean.

  3. Your little quilt is lovely and so special. I hope it is just slow and not lost.

  4. What a sweet little quilt! The indigo reads as black on my monitor. Love all the scrappiness you used. I'm sure Robin will love it!
    I'm sure that the quilt's just taking a long time. The mail is experiencing some slow-downs. All of our online orders are taking longer than usual too. Fingers crossed it gets there soon!

  5. I think the mail has really slowed down. Two years ago I sent a quilt to Portland and it arrived in less than a week. In April I sent some koinobori to the same address and they are yet to arrive. I guess carp swim slower in salt water....

  6. Cynthia...This quilt is perfect!! I just love it..

  7. Oh my goodness, this is a sweet little quilt, Cynthia. Love those pinks with the indigo and white blocks. Whenever it finally arrives the recipient will love it, I'm sure.

  8. What a wonderful little quilt. You had me at pink and the soft browns and the pops of indigo are just great.
    great inspiration quilt too!
    I'm sure Robin will love it when it does arrive. Things are taking so so long to ship these days.

  9. Your little quilt is so sweet. A beautiful interpretation of the inspiration quilt. I'm sure it will be well loved when it arrives.

  10. Great interpretation of the inspiration quilt! So cool that you got to use some of your indigo stash! Now I need to get a copy of Hidden Treasures, as I'm intrigued with the appliqué. Fingers crossed your quilt makes the journey safely!

  11. Your quilt is charming! I do hope that it will get to its destination soon. The things that I sent over a month ago to my kids still haven't arrived either.

    Are you keeping in daily contact with your daughter? (Yes! I know you are!) Have you a baby quilt made already?


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