Thursday, February 13, 2020

Winter sewing projects

The weeks are flying by.  I have several projects going.... monthly mini... a sashiko project I'm slowly working on....  contemplating starting Barbara Brackman's BOM Yankee Notions..... and most urgently trying to finally once and for all finish quilting David's log cabin!  My goal was Valentine's Day which won't happen, but I'm getting close.

Big (very big) stitch with doubled sashiko thread - knots exposed -

This is my TV watching spot.  I load up 4 needles at a time, and try to complete one section each night!

AND I've got these yummy modern stars from Barb's swap to ponder over!

Trying to keep organized in my "studio" space in the living room.  I bought a few more bins at MUJI, making these towers even taller.  David is joking that by the time we leave Japan they will be sky high! 

And last but definitely not least..... I am going to be a GRANDMA in June!!  Woo hoo!  First grand child.... and she's a GIRL! 

For the baby, Kaela (who has loved pink since she was a little girl) wants a very light mostly white and pink quilt and she has a "flowers" theme going in the nursery.

Can't wait!

And, Valentine's Day tomorrow xoxo.  David and I first "met" (over the phone) thirty years ago this Valentine's Day.  We got to know each other and I dare say fell in love, over several months of phone conversations, before we'd even met in person.  We wrote actual letters, sent tapes, and worried about running up our long distance phone bills.  What a different time!

How about these little individually packaged perfect strawberries - around $3.60 each?  I'd rather have dark chocolate;).



  1. Interesting to see strawberries each in it’s own little protective “jacket”. And so happy for you with the news of a Granddaughter, You have a beautiful stash of fabrics laid out for her quilt. Keep us informed with pictures here at Design Wall Mondays with your baby quilt progress. Judy

  2. Loving your log cabin and leaving the knots exposed is new to me--looks very Japanese...nice work
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Being a grandma for the first time is very exciting--congrats! I'm loving how the log cabin quilt is coming along. You have a good plan with the four lengths of thread each night goal. You will be finished in no time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with your fun stars!

  4. What a joyful time for you and your family! The joy of a new grandbaby is the same, whether it's the first or the ninth. And grandmas plan quilts for our new treasures. Your log cabin stitching looks fabulous, the perfect finishing touch for the indigos. Those cheerful star blocks would make a fun quilt for a little girls graduation into her first big girl bed.

  5. Congratulations on becoming a gramma. I love that role. I set mini nighttime tv goals too. It's amazing what you can get done. I love the big stitches you re doing and leaving the knots. I wouldn't have thought about that, but I like it!!

  6. The log cabin quilt is looking great. You are making good headway on it.
    That is a fun bundle of stars. Do you have any idea yet as to how you will set them?
    Ohhh, such good news about being a grandma! I am excited for you! And to have the rare treat of making a little girl's quilt pink and floral--seems a rarity these days. The last baby quilts I made for my youngest granddaughter were civil war repros, and then batiks (at my daughter's request). :)
    You could do with those strawberries what I did with a bunch of them today--dip them in dark chocolate. Yum!!

  7. Squeal!! Congratulations!! Grandchildren are a gift that never stops giving. My 3 are all boys so I am looking forward to watching your antics with a little girl. I am curious about your "phone dating" and how it worked out so well. That will be a conversation for when you return to the states - over "hippie lunch" someday. David's quilt is coming along beautifully. I am about to start piecing my stars from Barb's swap and am going to try the big stitch for the first time. You and Barb have convinced me that it does look great in the right circumstances. Have fun with the baby quilt. Go ahead and celebrate with a $3.60 strawberry. Yikes!

  8. Mmmm... the sashiko will really make that quilt, Cynthia. I keep getting inspired to make another log cabin, but no more hand quilting big projects for me. :-( I like your stackables, and that they're drawers! Congrats on the granddaughter!

  9. I enjoy hearing about how couples met and courted - your story sounds lovely! Sending good health wishes for the grandchild-to-be; the baby quilt fabrics look wonderful!

  10. OOOhhh David's quilt looks great. I love that the knots are exposed. Very textural.
    A Grandma!!!! How thrilling! How fun to make a sweet quilt in those sweet colors.
    I'm so glad the stars arrived.
    Vertical storage is clever especially in small spaces - works great and uses the same floor space.
    yes please to chocolate


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