Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tokyo Quilt and Stitch Show, ladies getting together

I randomly bought this magazine and I'm so glad I did, because it alerted me to a terrific quilt show at "Sunshine City" here in Tokyo.   

Just a few of my favorites from the show: 

I was on the lookout for a Yumiko Higuchi embroidery piece - look at this beauty:  

Yumiko Higuchi, Cactus Flower

Yumiko Higuchi, Cactus Flower detail 

Yumiko Higuchi, Cactus Flower detail 

A terrific quilt from Keiko Goke: 

Keiko Goke Heart Series II

Keiko Goke, detail 

Keiko Goke, detail 

Julie W and Tammy were with me.  It's nice to wander a show together and apart, together and apart... 

 We all loved this one, by, (I think - according to Google translate), Akiko Hirata: 

Izumo Beauty, by Akiko Hirata 

detail, Izumo Beauty, Akiko Hirata

When I heard someone speaking in a microphone (of course I didn't understand a word), and saw this crowd, and that quilt, I asked a guard... "Chuck Nohara?" and he nodded.  Yes, THE quilt icon, in the house!  Too bad I couldn't understand a word she was saying!  It sounded like a Q&A session. 

She was there promoting her new book, a collection of her antique American quilts. 

If you are unfamiliar, read this fabulous post by Elizabeth of OPQuilt.   All I can say is.... tempted, so tempted.  

And on our way out, a little silliness (only in Japan): 

Last week I also got together with Kazuko K (she has a "Nifty" blog here.  I can't seem to subscribe to it or add it to my sidebar).  I know Kazuko from when we studied sashiko together at Blue and White with Kazuko Yoshiura-sensei.

 Kazuko gave me some precious pieces of indigo left over from her long ago sashiko projects:

And, bonus!  She went with me to the grocery store to show me her favorite curry mix, and just the right pickles to serve with curry.  It means so much to have a Japanese friend share these tips for living!

And then yesterday, Julie (My Quilt Diary) and I met up (yes, I am selfie-challenged):

Julie brought along her trademark handwork, which she carries everywhere.  She sews everything by hand, so beautifully.

More indigo from a friend's stash - thank you Julie!

When we left Japan in 2013, after our two years here, I didn't know we would ever be back.  It's so nice to see both of these remarkable wise women and start again where we left off!

Not a lot of quilting this week but one day I had to be available 9:00 - 3:00 to wait for a fire alarm inspection,

so it was a good window of time for piecing log cabins:   



  1. What a wonderful show to "stumble" upon! It is so nice that you are able to meet up with friends you knew when you lived there before. Your log cabin blocks are coming along! Guess I need a fire alarm inspection to get more time!!

  2. What a beautiful show--the Cactus Flower embroidery is amazing! It was so sweet of your friend to share those treasured scraps of indigos--I know you will put them to good use. Now I'm reminded to go check our fire alarms--lol!

  3. I bet the close-up details were amazing! What a wonderful looking show. Love the Heart Series quilt!

  4. So glad you found this show, the photos are wonderful. So nice that you're meeting up with quilters you knew from your earlier years in Japan. Your link to OPQuilt sent me down an hour-long rabbit hole, hehe! Aren't blogs wonderful?

  5. Oh what a fabulous post. thank you for sharing your show photos. I really loved seeing the placards, lol.
    I love the cutout photos - so fun. I'm happy to see you found the perfect curry and pickles. what nice friends.
    way to turn your apartment duties into great Log cabin making time.

  6. From time to time I have found some quilt events in Ikebukuro but I haven't heard of an exhibit at Sunshine City. Too bad there isn't better publicity. It was such a joy to meet up. We have to get together more often and the Midtown connection was great. I wonder how those indoor tables are when it gets colder... Thanks for the date!

  7. Thanks for sharing some close ups of the Cactus Flower quilt. Incredible embroidery! Linking up with friends is so important. Glad you've been able to do that.

  8. CHUCK NOHARA??!!??? Oh, you lucky lady!! I talk about her in every lecture I give, so what a thrill to know she is still alive and writing books. What a fun day you had--so many beautiful quilts (I love Keiko Goke's heart). Hope you passed the fire alarm test!

  9. What a great time you appear to have had at this quilt show. I love the unique quilts--never see anything like them at the shows around here.
    Do you ever wonder what people do that have to wait around there house all day like that when they DON"T have a hobby that makes the time enjoyable? You had a great reason to focus on those beautiful Indigo log cabin blocks.

  10. What a fun quilt show, Cynthia. So many bright colors on the quilts! The heart quilt -- all hand quilted, right? Which is amazing to me because there's so much of it!
    I have a question about translating. Can you use your phone to take a photo of the writing and then have Google translate it for you? Or, how do you understand what's written (assuming from something you wrote that you don't read Japanese)?

    1. Yes I use the camera feature on my Google Translate app - with mixed results!

  11. Wonderful post, Cynthia! Enjoyed seeing all the quilts and that embroidered piece is beautiful! Love the fun cutouts :) Nice to have a block of time to work on your Log Cabin blocks!


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