Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October mini - sashiko wall hanging

Here's my mini quilt for October - a little indigo wall hanging with sashiko, using indigo from Nogawa that I got in March when I visited Japan (this was before we had any idea we'd be moving back here!).

I don't know why it's hard to photograph indigo (I know there's a scientific reason but I don't know what it is) but, the above photo shows the indigo color best.

These classic patterns are in Kazuko Yoshiura's book: 

The Dark indigo stained my fingers blue as I worked - I didn't mind;).  I hand quilted it simply in the ditch just to keep the layers together, and then finished with a self binding. 

I loved combining applique with sashiko.... will do that again sometime. 

A friend snapped this photo while I was doing a little sashiko show and tell.  Little did I know that my "Memories of Tokyo" quilt would live back in Japan;).  

In the meantime, Halloween time approaches... we do see glimpses of neighborhood parades or parties, and treats like these  (heavily stylized, packaged in plastic, and expensive) in the stores... 

I doubt we will get many trick or treaters - we live in a traditional Japanese apartment building - but I'm prepared with a bowl of Reeses and Skittles - precious loot brought to us from the U.S. last month by David's brother Joey;).  It's a miracle I haven't eaten all of it! 

On the healthier side, feeling like little kids, we are having fun with our little "Gawoow" (?!) bowl for microwaving popcorn, ha ha.  It collapses for easy storage.  

1/4 C popcorn, a splash of olive oil, cover, 3 minutes in the microwave, a shake of salt - YUM. 

On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of listening to this novel on Audible - I highly recommend it -- you won't want it to end! 

When Wendy (The Constant Quilter) posts the October minis, I will link HERE.... so that you can go see some others!  Thanks for the challenge Wendy;).  



  1. Your sashiko blocks look fabulous. I think the stitching much be much harder to do than hand quilting because the space between stitches is shorter than the stitches themselves. Lots of control going on there. The last block in your hanging makes me think of an angel.
    I think I would love one of those microwave popcorn bowls. It's such a healthy snack and one of my favorite.
    I loved A Gentleman in Moscow! I read it but I'm sure it's even better on audio.

  2. What a beautiful October mini.
    That looks like a really handy little popcorn popper--one of our favorite treats.
    Two endorsements for that book here. I'll have to check into it.

  3. The applique with the stitching is fabulous! Love it! And the popcorn bowl looks like a winner. Something my husband would love.:)

  4. I love your sashiko hanging. Great popcorn popper. I have one similar to it. Makes great popcorn. Hugs

  5. Your sashimi October mini is wonderful. It appears so simple when you first look at it, then you really see how interesting and beautiful the shapes and designs are and the beauty of the contrasting thread. It's lovely.

  6. I love the combination of the applique with the sashiko. A sweet little hanging. The bottom block reminds me of an angel. My husband would love that popcorn bowl, must be perfect for your tiny kitchen space.

  7. Your October piece is lovely. I too wonder why the indigo is hard to photograph. Your stitching is perfect.
    what a great candid shot of you with your fabulous quilt. (your hair looks beautiful by the way!)
    fun popcorn bowl. Yum I love popcorn, but then who doesn't?
    I am surprised that Halloween is a thing there. It started in Celtic England and came here that way. Seems funny to me. cute treats.

  8. Count me as another recommendation for A Gentleman in Moscow. I read it, and understand the audio is even better.
    We still use our ancient (Westbend?) "Stir Crazy" popper. The thing's huge, and no doubt way more messy than your micro bowl!
    Your sashiko mini is very lovely. So classic. You do beautiful work, Cynthia. I'd love to see a full-face picture of the Tokyo memories quilt.

  9. Fun post, Cynthia! Your October mini is simple yet elegant with that beautiful sashiko embroidery! Would love to see your Memories of Tokyo quilt. Now that's one clever popcorn popper! And I had no idea Halloween would be popular in Japan. Thanks for the book recommendation, too!

  10. Thanks, as always, for a glimpse of life in Tokyo! I love indigo, so always enjoy the things you share. A Gentleman in Moscow was our first family book club choice two years ago - everyone loved it!

  11. Fabulous mini! I finally have power and internet back so I have linked it in today. I am having the same difficulty capturing a certain green on my camera in my Hospital Sketches quilt. I'd like to know the scientific reason, but then I probably wouldn't understand it anyway! Love the photo of you demonstrating Sashiko. I also think the "Merry Halloween" is sweet!


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