Friday, January 11, 2019

Strings and strings and changes

Lori at Humble Quilts is doing a string QAL, and Wendy at The Constant Quilter is doing a monthly mini quilt challenge.... so.... this month I am combining the two...

And I must say, I may want to foundation piece string quilts a little bit every day for the rest of my life!  Soooo fun!  I'm using muslin foundations, and my usual - lots of indigo, with low volumes.  A pop of orange on each end too.  It is so satisfying to trim up the blocks using the foundation as my guide.

I've got a plan to make a large summer coverlet for our bed with 10 inch blocks; and in the meantime I'm making an itty bitty version, for starters.

What a difference setting makes - here are the same four blocks in two different configurations:

So, IN OTHER NEWS.... it looks like we are going to be moving back to Japan in the spring for David's job.  This has been swirling around as a possibility for the past couple months and now it's for real and I'm sort of stunned!  We just downsized to our cozy spot in the woods less than two years ago!  Now, we will be further downsizing into a shoebox apartment in Tokyo, ha ha, this time for three years.  Mixed feelings for sure.

Soooooo.... time to take off all the refrigerator magnets...

and do 1000 other things to get our house ready to list... including nearly dismantling my sewing room, sadly, but where there's a will there's a way, and I'm determined to steal a few minutes a day for these fun string blocks!



  1. Your string blocks are gorgeous. Wow, I can understand your mixed feelings about the move, it would be so very difficult to upend our lives at this point. I hope the joys far outweigh the disadvantages and that you can enjoy your time in your next little home.

  2. What takes you back to Japan this time? Just wondering if it is for what I suspect.
    I loved your home in the woods. Hopefully you can find something like it in three years time.
    Those blocks are absolutely adorable. You are smart to combine the two SALs into one. Very efficient use of your time. :)

  3. I just hate being up-rooted ... and that darling little place in the woods would be hard to leave, even for a vacation... but then, I will be so excited to have you back here.

  4. Oh My gosh! i can't believe you're on your way to Japan! Wow.
    Love your string blocks. I had the same thought about combining the mini with a string project :) So don't be surprised if you see that from me too. I love your controlled color scheme.

  5. Great string blocks! I hope you are able to finagle some sewing time as you prep for your move to Japan. Good luck with everything!

  6. Great string blocks for your monthly mini. Moving? Sorry you have to sell your cute place after all the work you've done. But change can bring some new adventures.

  7. Good for you to combine two challenges into one. Or should I say three challenges? I hope that sewing these little gems helps ease the tension of once again pulling up stakes and moving across the globe. I hope we can get together before you leave! And, on a selfish note, I'm sure you will be posting about all the wonderful Japanese textiles you will be finding!

  8. OMG moving are brave , very brave. I am going to combine it all too, when i find the energy.
    You are motivating me on the string blocks...I am excited to start.

  9. Great idea to combine string projects by making a mini first. I'm into strings, too! Sorry to hear you'll be moving after you've done so much work on your house. But new adventures await :)


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