Thursday, August 16, 2018

Winter Quilt finished

I'm so happy to have this one finished!

The six applique blocks are from an old Jan Patek pattern called The Winter Quilt, from the 1990's.

The broken dishes borders are from a Fun with Barb swap.  Love the mix of reds!

  This time I used my walking foot to quilt the baptist fans, with better results for sure.  I used Fun with Barb's excellent stencil!

A couple people commented or emailed about using washable Crayola markers.  I have used them for many years and have never had a problem.  The marker washes out, but you want to use warm water, and you may need to wash more than once if you are using a high efficiency washer.  You just need that volume of water, so it helps to start off with a saturated quilt.  So, I wash once, and with a big quilt sometimes the marks are still there, but the second wash starting out with the already saturated quilt, does the trick every time!

I never make a quilt that can't be washed and washed, used and used.  I think quilts just get prettier and better with use, even if (and sometimes because) they get a little worn or tattered here and there.    That's what brings out the wabi-sabi over time - many years, lots of use.

Nice having my guys around for the photo shoot:

I'm sure (at least I hope) it's destined for a someday-hoped-for-grandchild but for now I'm keeping the quilt in my sewing room - it fits nicely on the trundle bed and just makes me happy.  

And meanwhile... our kitchen cupboards.  I mean this is the chaos of indecision!!  The dark gray I initially settled on was so wrong.  Working with the already white walls, our blue and white dishes from Japan... our terribly ugly but neutral tile, black appliances we never would have chosen, the white counters which we really like...  and little to no budget... it was just nothing but "ugh" to choose a color.

We finally came around to a dark blue (Ben Moore Van Deusen, just a step lighter from the Newburyport we used on the exterior of the house)  - and again I was so happy to have both David and Tommy helping me!  Very small kitchen = not a ton of painting.

A few mixed feelings, but Finito! 

x Cynthia 


  1. Hello,. Your quilt is darling! I've always wanted to do a quilt with fans on machine. I usually handquilt fans. The color of your Kitchener cabinets looks great! They contrast nicely with walls and countertops. I'm sure you're happy it's finished!

  2. I so love your quilt. I want to try machine baptist fan quilting. Nice choice of color in your kitchen. Looks great. Hugs, Cathy

  3. I love how your quilt turned out, and how it looks on the bed - really sweet! Nice job Cynthia, all the way around!

    OK, now I'm curious about your machine technique for the Baptist fans. How do you secure all those beginnings and ends? I've been doing a back-stitch, or the "teeny-tiny" stitch method (which I prefer to a machine-made knot) but I still feel like I need to bury the threads with any of those methods. Thats lot of tedious work I'd like to avoid! Any tips?

    BTW I'm in full agreement with using/washing/repeat when it comes to my quilts. I don't mind the fading and wear, I just don't want my stitches to come out.

    And thanks for the feedback on the crayons. I need to look for some.

    1. Sandy, I use the “tiny stitch” securing method, and I absolutely do not bury my threads - life is way too short. I just trim the threads super close to the quilt. I’ve been doing this since the 90’s and I’ve never had a problem with stitches coming out.

  4. The blue cupboards look great!
    What a great choice for an all over quilting motif. What a cute quilt and very pink! The broken dishes sets it off nicely for the border. Love seeing the back of the quilt too! Your holders did a great job!

  5. Your quilt is really lovely--I especially like that pinky color you used for sashings...hugs, Julierose

  6. I'm not usually a fan of pink, but the added reds balance it out so well. Great finish ... and nice to have those guys for help.

  7. I wouldn't have thought a pinky tone would make the quilt look "wintery" but it surely does! Brilliant choice of border fabrics makes all your appliques shine. I love the color you finally chose for your cabinets too. Long ago I lived in a 19th century house with kitchen cabinets painted a similar shade. Loved them.

  8. It is a very sweet quilt. I like the way you used the swap blocks in a border.
    I want to quilt the Baptist fans on a large quilt someday. I have Barb's stencil ready and waiting. This makes me want to do it even more!
    Got a chuckle out of the "behind the scenes" shots of the guys holding up your quilt. :)
    Love the outcome of the kitchen in blue. The before and after shots make it real!
    Gotta love a lime green Kitchenaid. Mine is a hand-me-down from my MIL--plain white. I am grateful for it, but would love to get a purple one, or some other color that calls to me, and calls attention to itself. :)

  9. A wonderful finish! I just love the way that Baptist Fan quilting looks on your quilt! I hope to give that a try some day. And your kitchen cabinets look great in blue :)

  10. I love ever single thing about your quilt, applique', pink, swap blocks and fan quilting - wow it made a great combination.
    Your cabinets look wonderful in that blue. I'm with Janet. I have my Kitchen Aid from when I got married, plain white. I think that was the only color in 1987. Unfortunately they never need replacing, lol.

  11. I just love absolutely everything about your winter quilt! I have had that pattern on my wish list for ages and ages, and seeing yours finished, makes me happy! love the pinks as well as as the swap blocks and that you’re saving it for a someday grandchild, but using it the meantime. 💗

  12. Oh wow! Your blue cabinets look awesome! Great pic to blend with the darker appliances. And I adore your latest quilt finish. So very sweet. The soft colors just make me sigh in appreciation! I too am a huge fan of washing quilts. I too make quilts to be used and tho I cringe when I see my quilts in comparison with other crisp looking ones at quilt shows, the soft, crinkled ones are the ones I always want to take home with me.:)

  13. I love how you took the Jan P.pattern and made it your own. It's a beautiful finish. The Baptist fan pattern was a perfect choice for the quilting. Just like the perfect choice for the paint color of your cabinets. They're stricking.

  14. Congratulations for this beautiful quilt Cynthia !! And the quilting with the Baptist fan is a great choice !!
    I love the blue color for your cabinets. It changes a lot your kitchen !

  15. I absolutely love this quilt. The charm of the primitive blocks with the pretty light shades of pink and the pops of red make it so delightful. It's fabulous! As for the indecision of paint colors, I'm right there with you! I have to see it at all times of day with all the different lights, etc. It's so crazy. But in the end, I think you chose perfectly! I love the color and I think you are going to be glad you chose it in the long run. Good job!

  16. being a blue lover, i think it's very nice...and the quilt is perfect!

  17. Hi Cynthia, saw a link to your post on a Facebook page quilts by Cheri friendship group. They liked your pink and are tempted to try it out themselves.

    I love your version and the baptist fan quilt tips are great. I love that you did the wider sashing and borders and added the friendship swap blocks. May a special person come along to claim this beauty.

  18. That Quilt is fantastic!! And I love how your kitchen turned out. Absolutely love the paint color that you chose!

  19. I have seen that quilt many times and this is the best colorway ever! I just love how you incorporated your Broken Dishes blocks. It looks very much at home in the sewing room. I had to laugh at your patchwork kitchen. I thought for a minute you might leave it that way - wink! I LOVE the blue, it looks like it has always been that color.


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