Monday, July 31, 2017

Maple leaves with sashiko

I'm looking forward to the American Quilt Study Group Seminar in Manchester NH in October.  Hard to imagine, but true, that by then I will be a resident of New Hampshire;).

Volunteers were asked to make 16-inch table toppers, any "maple leaf" design with a fall feel.

I love pulling scraps for a little project:

Careful placement with the flying geese, and assembled like a nine-patch:

I always enjoy adding some sashiko stitching to my projects. This pattern is a variation of nowaki - a traditional pattern denoting that blast of wind in autumn - or the fall grasses blowing in that cold wind.

The second topper is made with Japanese dark "taupe" scraps and this nice soft woven orange.  I improvised the sashiko, marking the curves with some found round object.   I guess we could call it a variation on shippo (seven treasures) if we want to get fancy.

It might seem like I'm wishing summer away, with these fall posts.  You might be right!  Summer has been almost lost to sorting, donating, pitching, deciding... mourning, crying, stress, indecision, quick decisions (in the house hunting realm)...  PACKING.... I'm happy to say we have found our downsizer house and it's about 40 minutes' drive north, in New Hampshire.  Simplifying...  it is happening!  Kon Mari on a pretty large scale!


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  1. I really like your little Fall pieces. The sashiko is a lovely addition.
    I spent a bit of time in New Hampshire the last few years as my daughter and her hubby were living in Meredith. They crossed the country to Eugene, Oregon last year.
    Sounds like I need to read back in your blog (since I just started following) and find out what all the upheaval is about in your life!

  2. These are so pretty with the big stitches outlining...nice work hugs, Julierose

  3. The sashiko really sets those pieces off. I hope the move will go smoothly. I really hate to even think about moving ... even from my rabbit hutch.

  4. Your fall maple leaves are very innovative with the addition of the sashiko. I'm glad the house hunting has finally turned positive.

  5. love both your toppers. Mi think the scrappy one speaks more to me. The sashiko design was a perfect choice.

  6. Both of your maple leaf quilts are wonderful. I like your colors and the sashiko stitching adds so much on that first quilt, especially knowing it denotes wind in autumn. Wonderful!


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