Friday, July 1, 2016

Childhood Border link up - Gwennie Inspired Medallion Group

Time to reveal our CHILDHOOD borders for the Gwennie Inspired Medallion group!

As a group we are taking turns picking the themes and interpreting the themes however we'd like.

Lori at Humble Quilts  (center - May) - BASKETS
Yours truly (June's theme - CHILDHOOD)
Cathy at Big Lake Quilter (third - July's theme)
Katy at KatyQuilts (fourth - August's theme)
Wendy at The Constant Quilter (fifth - September's theme)

We have a lot of quilters joining us and it's so fun to see what everyone is doing!  If you have a blog, link up below, and if not, email me your photo and I will add it to this post.

For my border I decided to depict my own three children (from the old classic Quilts Quilts Quilts).

I have really been reflecting on twenty three years of parenting... and I'm going to be an empty nester after this summer.  Weird! I know that parenting doesn't end here, but it is the end of a certain season for sure.

I also included a tree (wonky with cut off points a la Gwen).

When I was ten years old my family moved from Texas to Connecticut, to a yard with a stone wall and woods, and a big tree right outside my bedroom window.  I would sit up in my tiny bedroom and read and daydream and listen to records.  The rustling of the trees outside set the background. 

My children have grown up with trees as well.
Noelle in particular has a connection with trees, as depicted in her haunting drawings:

For the sides, I made sashiko panels using variegated thread which has the effect of fading in and out.

nowaki or "grass in the wind" "storm that comes in the fall/winter" (back to school days!): 

tsu no kikko or tortoise shell - signifying a long healthy life:

fundou or balance weights:

Asanoha, or hemp leaf - signifying protection, traditionally used on children's clothing items:

Edited to add Ursula's medallion:

Ursula says "I am thoroughly enjoying "playing along". My childhood border is all about "fun and friends" which as a teenager often involved our red Volkswagon beetle taking us girls on adventures in our beautiful farm Valley. I am looking forward to making the next border. Log cabins are a favorite of mine. how would Gwennie play with logs...from Ursula

And from Pierette:

And this one from Maree, who writes "My interpretation of this was blowing bubbles and climbing trees.  I am using Kaffe Fassett fabrics and working in a wonky style.  I am excited about the next round and have already started making my blocks."

If you have a blog, link up with your CHILDHOOD border below!  If you prefer to email me a photo,  I will add it to this post.

And be sure to visit Cathy at Big Lake Quilter for details on July's theme - LOG CABIN!  Great theme and I can't wait to get started!


  1. Lovely idea and your sashiko is simply gorgeous.

  2. very cute interpretation! lovely stitching!

  3. Your block turns beautifully with the sashiko points ! What a great idea Cynthia....

  4. I like the way you worked in the sashiko.
    Looks like a fun challenge.

  5. A beautiful interpretation. I'd love to join in if for not being so far behind on all my other QAL and BOMs. Later hopefully.

  6. Fun interpretation and beautiful sashiko!

  7. What a lovely interpretation. So much meaning in such a short time. I am fascinated by Sashiko and really want to try it sometime. I particularly love your corner blocks. What a treasure.

  8. I didn't know that sashiko stitch patterns had such meaning. Cute border and thanks for the theme.

  9. I love your childhood borders! The sashiko is just lovely.

  10. I love the symbolism behind the sashiko stitching you did in this round. This will be a family heirloom someday!

  11. When I first looked at your borders I was fascinated with the print you chose between the children and tree. Then I'm amazed to see it is sashiko! How lovely it is. I've not done some for awhile and your rainbow thread is lovely.

    Thanks for the theme choice. Off to explore other links!

  12. Thank you for this most interesting theme! You have done a wonderful job on yours. Such lovely sashiko stitches with beautiful messages. Your daughter is very talented!

  13. I loved your theme choice and looking forward to seeing what others have done. I think your sashiko looks fabulous. However the linkup does not seem to be working for me so cant add mine or view the others at the moment.

  14. Morning Cynthia lovely blog and beautiful sashiko, many hrs there but lovely thoughts behind them. Lovely to read about your memories of trees. Cheers Glenda

  15. What beautiful sashiko - I had no idea that each design has a meaning. Your quilt is wonderful. Thanks for a fun theme this month!

  16. Your borders are beautiful. They look like so much work! I didn't realize that the different stitches have different meanings. Almost a secret language. Your little children and tree are too fun. And your daughter's painting is beautiful!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  17. You chose a great theme for the second round. So many wonderful interpretation. Your sashiko is lovely and it's meanings fit right into your border.

  18. Lovely!! The variegated sashiko is wonderful--I've never seen variegated used before. Must try it!

  19. Just LOVE your interpretation! and thanks for the great second round theme-idea ~ love it.

  20. Hi,
    Beautiful block. Love the basket and the children. Have a great day!


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