Monday, June 6, 2016

Gwennie Inspired Medallion Group - round 1 reveal

Time to reveal our medallion centers for the Gwennie Inspired Medallion Quilt Group... and time to link up here at Lori's blog Humble Quilts.  If you don't have a blog, email me a photo of your center and I will add it to this post.  Thanks Lori for the cool BASKET theme!

I started with a sweet little 6 inch pieced basket and built it out from there, with some trial and error:

If you are on Instagram, share your basket center!  #GMmedallionQAL

That is a deep deep indigo that David brought me from Blue and White in Japan.  Some old Roberta Horton plaids, as well as a funky print that reminds me of my 70's childhood... which brings me to our next theme...



I know - do not panic.  ;).

This is meant to be a very open theme to be interpreted however you like - it is your quilt!

Your childhood; your folks' childhoods; the children in your life now or back when; children of the world;

For example....
  • Someone might piece improv triangles in "apple" colors to remind her of learning to make apple pie with Grandma...  
  • Someone might piece a simple checkerboard reminiscent of playing board games.... 
  • Childhood summers at the beach? How about a riff off of Ocean Waves. Or appliqued whales.
  • Anything that reminds you, in any way, of any aspect of childhood!  

We will reveal our borders in a linkup here or at Lori's the first Monday in July.  Actually that turns out to be July 4th - so let's say Friday July 1st.

I hope everyone has fun interpreting this theme!  I can't wait to see what we all do!

To recap for those of you just now joining us:  We are making Gwen Marston inspired medallion quilts.  Any size, totally your creation.  Click here for an introduction.

Lori at Humble Quilts  (center - May) - BASKETS
Yours truly (first border - June) - CHILDHOOD 
Cathy at Big Lake Quilter (second border - July)
Katy at KatyQuilts (third border - August)
Wendy at The Constant Quilter (final border- September)



  1. Beautiful center block, I love your colours, but panic with the first border theme...

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  3. Is your first border the outer one with the blues, plaid, and the funky '70s print? Or, is it the border around the basket square, or both? I am new to this type of QAL, but am enjoying it a lot. Thank you :)

    1. Danice - the whole thing - what you see here - is my center - if that makes sense. Glad you are enjoying it! There will be lots of examples linked up at Lori's blog!

  4. Your block is sooo lovely !
    Childhood....okay I don't panic...just a little bit !! ah ! ah !
    Let's our inspiration work for us !

  5. Sensational! I love that you have the wonderful Japanese fabric in there and who doesn't love Roberta Horton fabrics? Thanks for choosing such a fun theme for the next go round.

  6. I love your basket. now for the next round... Hugs

  7. I love the wonderful graphics of your block! Such great contrast!

  8. I love your border theme, in fact both ideas were boucncing around in my head of triangles and checkerboards so I'm a happy camper!

    How appropriate that you decided on July 1st, Canada Day for our next deadline as I'm Canadian! With strong American ties in family.

  9. After seeing all the freeform applique flowers and baskets so far in the link party I'm a bit relieved to see I'm not the only one who pieced her basket! The theme for the next round was a total surprise. That's going to require some thought - thanks!

  10. I like the color scheme you have chosen for the medallion.

  11. Great block, Cynthia, and I love the theme for the next round. The creativity is flying around this quilt along!

  12. Ah, yes...the funky 70s! Thanks for the memories. Orange and all it's variants was everywhere.

    That orange and indigo makes a striking color combo.

    Childhood...hmmm...we'll need our thinking caps for that one especially if we are in our second one right now!

  13. Great basket block! I love your fabric choices!

  14. What a great block to start your improv journey. It's been fun looking at everyones interpretation.

  15. The 'funky' print is very striking but your Amish style basket stands out beautifully. It's looking great!

  16. Dramatic and fun - you have so many way you can now go with your first border.

  17. Love your pieced block and the way you incorporated such interesting fabrics -- it really is a standout.

  18. Looks fabulous! Love the funky fabrics!

  19. Wonderful basket block! Love the plaids and the indigo. I think I might still have a piece of that RH plaid!

    The theme for the next border was kind of a shock, but I already have an idea for it, I think.

  20. I like the simplicity of your basket and with the inner print-fabric border, then the black corners to set it straight plus the combination border around the outer edge. It's very striking.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  21. Your basket makes me smile, there is everything I like: spontaneous piecing, traditional block, lovely Japanese fabrics...
    Cécile D. convinced me, I am in!

  22. Hi Cynthia this looks like a fun group and a good challenge would love to join in but not going to do any more till I finish my quilty365Circles LOL. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours travelling back in time going back through your time in Japan how lovely it was to visit m any many places And streets I have walked down. Loved the Bue and white shop and have also been visiting her online blog. Thanks for a wonderful armchair trip LOL. Oh by the way I really like your

  23. Sorry Cynthia my iPad decided I'd written enough and sent my message, I really like how you made up your wee block, lovely lady very indigo fabric, I'm making a wee wall quilt right now using Kasuri fabrics I just love them . Cheers Glenda . PS do you have FB?

  24. I love your center. It's going to be fun seeing what you do next.

  25. Wonderful!! For some reason I have not been getting your I signed up twice...ha!! Hate to miss any goodies like this post


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