Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Progress on log cabin, and indigo dyeing

The past couple weeks I've been making progress on David's log cabin quilt.  I chose this layout and pieced it in chunks: 

Chunks 1 and 2 pieced together: 

So fun to have the top finished! 

Then on to layering... 

And tying with indigo sashiko thread. 

All the while nursing a cold... lots of Netflix, meds, herbal tea and cough drops...  

Anyway always gratifying to get to the binding stage!  Single fold this time as the fabric was really thick.  I really like the walking foot when attaching binding.   

And now I plan to add optional big stitch sashiko style stitching here and there throughout the quilt - 

Meanwhile, this morning I really enjoyed a low-key small group indigo dyeing class.  Always so fun. 

Til next time - 



  1. The log cabin quilt is beautiful. I love how you did your indigo dyeing and the different patterns. Hugs

  2. Oh what a good feeling to have it nearly done! I love the setting you chose. So beautiful! I can't imagine doing all this in such tight quarters. I like to "spread out" when I layer and tie a quilt. Good for you!

  3. I love everything about your log cabin quilt and want to make one for myself now! I hope your cold doesn't hold on too long. The dying class must have been a good distraction--you ended up with some great patterns and it will be fun to see what you do with them. Feel better!

  4. Your log cabin quilt is so lovely, thoughtfully scrappy. So interesting to see your dyeing process, with all the folding/gathering of the fabric pieces. Is this what is called shibori?

  5. It's so great that you get to take the occasional class. So much to learn! Love your log cabin. It has such a wonderful traditional vibe and yet more than that, it has depth. Great job!

  6. This log cabin quilt really whispers to me. Love it!
    You were very productive while nursing your cold.
    I really like what you did in your dying class.

  7. Wow Cynthia, I can't believe you've finished David's quilt! It seems like you just started it. Its beautiful! And the indigo dying... how interesting. Looks like fun!

  8. The log cabin quilt is gorgeous. Your son is going to love it. I know I do. What a great dying class. Your pieces are so fun. You're probably already thinking of an idea of how to use them. Or maybe just admire them for awhile.

  9. I love that you are tying the log cabin! I love my tied summer spread. It feels so cozy and soft. Adding big stitch will look great too can't wait to see that.
    Thanks for showing how the dying works. Seeing it pleated into a C clamp was so interesting, and now I get how it turns out the way it does!
    I hope your cold is getting better.

  10. p.s. what are you watching on NEtflix? any recommendations?

  11. Wow, you have made great progress on David's quilt! Where did you take the indigo class? It looks like fun.

  12. What a wonderful quilt that Log Cabin quilt turned out to be...not that I was doubting or anything, but the full impact is so much better than the small bits we've seen. Congratulations on getting to this point. (And I see you use the table-method of pinning quilts; I learned that from Barb).
    I also thought the indigo class was interesting, especially seeing the before and after of the dye resist.
    Sorry about your cold, but since I'm so late to this commenting, I'm sure you are better now.

  13. I love your log cabin blocks, gorgeous!


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