Monday, July 31, 2017

Baskets! A Study of Nineteenth-Century Basket Quilts

Baskets! A Study of Nineteenth-Century Basket Quilts is now available at Amazon.   It is simply terrific - fifty small quilts inspired by old quilts -

Mine is on page 74... and I blogged about it here.  It was a labor of love for sure.   (If you order a copy, and I hope you will, because you won't be disappointed, you can use Amazon Smile at so that AQSG will get a percentage of the sale!). 

I am thoroughly enjoying all the quilts, and all the essays!  I hope to meet many of my fellow Study Group quilters at the AQSG Seminar in October!

Meanwhile.... the purging and packing continues.  Most of my quilting and sewing stuff still really does "spark joy" - my new sewing room will be quite small, but that's OK.  I'm good with small kitchens and small sewing rooms - ;)


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  1. Awesome! I adore your quilt and can't wait to get the book. I did say I wasn't going to buy another book this year, but this is different. I NEED this one!

  2. I love basket quilts. I just realized that the basket quilt I made for my wedding is now full of holes??? Jeeze..and I am regretting the selling of an antique one I had bought...Guess if I cannot keep everything forever, at least I can read a book about them...

  3. Your sample is lovely, congrats on participating in the book!

  4. I can't wait to get a copy! your quilt is great.


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