Monday, January 2, 2017

Front Porch top finished

I've been following this quiltalong with Lori at Humble Quilts.  The pattern is Front Porch by Jan Patek.  I think we started last June.  Not bad!

See some other interpretations on Lori's blog here.

The deadlines really help keep me motivated. Today was the day we were set to share our finished tops, so TODAY I put my borders on!  I had originally thought to use some of the sunflower fabric for the wide border, but in the end, it felt too formal, and I liked the red better.

The little bluebird still needs an eye: 

Now the question is - how to quilt it???  It is very wavy and loosey goosey in places.   It didn't go together smoothly at all.  I may just take my chances and do something very utilitarian on the machine.  

Thanks Lori for another great sew-along! 

Happy New Year one and all! 

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  1. Very, very nice! I do like your sunflower fabric but the red border is very settling and provides a nice frame for all the activity in each block!

  2. I love it! The red border is very nice! Everyone did something a bit different and I love that!

  3. Beautiful. I d have liked to see the sunflower as a border choice, just to audition. I love that print. The red is really great tho.

    I ll have mine allover quilted in a tossed daisy pattern, unless my quilter suggests something else.
    lizzy at gone to the beach..

  4. Your Front Porch quilt turned out wonderful! Congratulations on your finish. I think the red border looks perfect!

  5. Great way to start another year! If it is a hanging, it really doesn't need lots of quilting. Keep it simple, I'd say. Isn't it interesting how different people can use different fabrics and make the same pattern so unique.

  6. Happy New Year! What a lovely fun quilt - I know however you quilt it it will look fantastic.

  7. I love how your quilt turned out. Your color choices are wonderful!!

  8. Well look at you! This one is so complex, I am so impressed! I love your version. I hope your New Year will be full of lots of quilting time. Hope we can meet at the museum some day this winter!

  9. Your quilt turned out great! I love how your house looks like it has the setting sun lighting up the front of it--cool!

  10. A charming finish for the beginning of a new year. The red border just sets off the whimsy blocks and the all of the colors.

  11. yay looks great with that zippy border!

  12. Nice finish. As usual I am behind. You've given me inspiration to finish it. Love the border. Hugs


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