Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Botanical month 4 - Star in the East

Shenandoah Valley Botanical Quilt for January - Star in the East.  I like the movement and symmetry here and I think an entire quilt of this block would be fab!

I'm using fusible and a machine blanket stitch-  I like the process, and I like the results.

 I'm also using the potholder method for this quilt - my first time trying this.  Wendy at Constant Quilter advised me to use single fold - not my usual double fold - binding.  It works really well.

Not convinced I'm going to make the whole quilt, but we shall see.  I feel on the tipping point of having too many projects going, and I really want to do the new Westering Women block of the month at Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts.

Meanwhile I have backed and basted my first Stars in a Time Warp quilt - it's ready to roll and I'm hoping to spend Friday getting it quilted!


  1. Love the way your potholder blocks are turning out and beautiful fabric for the back of your Stars quilt :) Have fun quilting!

  2. Your blocks are stunning and your quilt will be gorgeous, no doubt about that ! Wendy succeeded with this method !
    Good luck with the quilting tomorrow ! I have to quilt mine too and I'm in too for the next BB Sal !

  3. What size blocks are you doing? I have the patterns for the 9 inch Smoky Mountain quilt from the 1970's and am undecided if I should do the 9 inch for a 45 inch square or enlarge 200 % to the King.

  4. Your stitching on the block parts is very pretty. I am so tempted to try the pot holder method. If not on this quilt, then on another.

  5. OH I absolutely love these!!! It's funny how we see so many quilts these days that are hand appliqued and then machine quilted. It is refreshing to see the opposite. Your machine applique is superb and I love the hand quilting. You have really inspired me to try machine applique again. We'll see if you really can teach on old dog! Thanks for sharing. And, Cyndi (Busy Thimble Blog) and I are hoping to take a trip to Lowell soon to see the Japanese quilts. I hope we can pick a day that you could meet us there.

  6. Cynthia - your potholders look fabulous! I am very tempted to do the same but because of my pieced backgrounds I think it may look messy.

  7. Your blocks are lovely. I think the pot holder finish will be fantastic. We're cheering you on to keep going!!


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