Thursday, December 31, 2015

Journaling.... one (circle?) line a day...

Can this possibly be the last day of 2015??

Time for a new "one line a day" journal... new one from Levenger...

And after three years or so, also time for a new devotional/scripture journal (I like Moleskine for this):

If there's anything I geek out over as much as quilting, it's journals, notebooks, pens, paper...

A friend at work shares the same passion, and earlier this year she introduced me to the Midori Travelers Notebook.  SOLD.   As a Filofax girl from the 80's... and then Franklin Covey... and then Circa....  this is the next thing for me and I love it.

A leather cover, simple as can be, wabi-sabi potential galore.

It holds simple interchangeable notebooks - I have three right now including a monthly calendar, and a notebook for to-do's and notes.

You can personalize your Midori with a button or charm.  The scuff marks are personal as well;).  Over time, the leather cover will develop a nice patina.  Wabi-sabi + planner = love.

All through December I thought to start making a circle a day with Audrey at Quilty Folk - sort of a quilty version of the one line a day journal -

But I never did start... out of indecision:

Do I use all Japanese fabrics from my stash?  Tenugui?
Hand work or machine?
What size?  To what end?
Do I truly make it a diary by inking some text - perhaps just a word or phrase each day as an even more distilled version of the "one line a day" journal concept?  
Do I actually want to start another long term "quilt along" style endeavor?

Well.... I will take today to decide!

Happy New Year fellow quilting bloggers.  Thanks for stopping by to read this year!   I really enjoy the "pen pal" "show and tell" nature of what we do!  What will 2016 have in store for us all??



  1. So inspiring! I m enjoying my 365 Circles and am keeping a daily journal along with it. I m thinking of adding the One Line a Day, I like the idea that it encompasses 5 years. The leather covered book is lovely.
    I m looking forward to seeing how you begin your 365 circles.

    lizz at gone to the beach

  2. There are so many different ways that people are doing the circles. It made me seriously consider starting another one! lol The one line a day journal is fascinating. Never thought to do something like that!

  3. I just finished my 5 year journal from levenger. The new one is lovely.
    What is the origin of the circle project I keep seeing?
    Happy New Year thanks for shairng all your journaling ideas.

  4. A circle a day sounds like a great project as does one line a day. You could combine the two :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Another thing we have in common. I am a total paper/pen/journal freak too! I have been journaling for years. In fact, I have 3 - one daily desk calendar in my sewing room where I just track what I am working on that day, one daily journal of thoughts and activities and one simply for inspiration and stream of consciousness blathering. Fun!!! I hope you are loving the Quilty 365 as much as I am!

  6. Now I am inspired to start a journal too.


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