Tuesday, February 25, 2020

February mini and pink log cabin

For this month, I did a "do over" for the hearts mini quilt.  I actually tossed last month's, that's how much I disliked it.  I read once that artists don't save all their work - why do quilters have to?

Anyway, I used a sweeter-than-sweet pink floral pack of 30x20 cm squares that I picked up at the Tokyo quilt festival, to make a simple appliquéd heart, made up "crazy quilt" style.

Will link with Wendy's blog The Constant Quilter when she posts our minis!  Thank you Wendy!

Easy method for hanging:

This Japanese tool box carries the extent of our household tools. Downsizing.... from a garage and basement ... to one "all in box"  - no complaints here.  It really holds the essentials for tiny apartment living. 

Next, I wanted to start Barbara Brackman's newest pieced BOM Yankee Notions (I adore her Civil War Quilts blog).  The first two blocks proved to be just too frustrating for me.  I hate quitting things, but, ya, no, I'm calling it.

Instead I am pouring all of my giddy excitement about impending grandparent-hood into making this scrappy "mainly white and pink" log cabin baby quilt.  At first with all white (Lecein Snow White - seriously lack of white options here in Japan) on one side:

Laid out the blocks -

Just, blah.  Too much white, just off somehow, centers weird, just ugh.  Note to self - make three or four practice blocks, not TWELVE.

Started over using pink... but in the end decided to incorporate the original blocks - it all works.

Almost finished with the blocks. 

I know it's more accurate to cut individual logs, but I like the speed and creative randomness of strip/chain piecing with long strips-

Lots of trimming -

Listening to Audible all the while - Tom Hanks reading The Dutch House - really great:

And always inspired by Brené Brown:

And in other news,  Coronavirus.  We are being extra vigilant about hand washing and not touching our faces.  We are avoiding crowded trains.  Some gatherings and church meetings are being canceled.  I hope things settle soon.

Made a new dinner last night  - it was soooo good.

"One-Pot Braised Chicken with Coconut Milk, Tomato and Ginger" - with basmati rice - from New York Times Cooking.

We are eating the leftovers tonight, which meant today was an ALL QUILTING day.



  1. I love the strip chain piecing too--your log cabin is so soft and lovely and the heart is sweet hugs, Julierose

  2. I love this little mini and I will link it into my early post tomorrow. I hope you don't mean that you literally tossed your January mini. I thought it was sweet. And, it looks like you will be needing some dolly quilts in the future! That log cabin is the sweetest! I like the combination of the white and pinkish alternate logs.

  3. Great mini for February. I will be posting mine at the end of the month. I redesigned my first block for Yankee Notions. Instead of all the Y seams I divided the sections into half square triangle blocks. The log cabin quilt is lovely I love it. Hugs

  4. first of all yum! that looks delicious. I'm going to look that recipe up.
    I think all your LC blocks look great. T
    Sweet new mini heart quilt. Great contrast with the dark background.
    Coronavirus is scary stuff. We are travelling on sunday and I've bought new disinfecting wipes, nasal spray, purell.....
    I have The Dutch House on my wish list. and I'll check out the other title too. thanks.
    Love that sign.

    1. Just a note that I used chicken breast in the recipe instead of bone-in thighs!

  5. First off, your scrappy pink heart is darling! but... what? You threw away the first one?? I hope that means you set it aside for reevaluation later. I like all the versions of the pink log cabin. I can drive myself crazy with those kind of decisions. Yours will be adorably sweet no matter what. I'm still trying to figure out an "easy" way to make a log cabin. Your soup looks/sounds delicious! Am I the only person who did not love The Dutch House?

  6. Love those no cooking days! Your heart mini is so sweet--perfect for February. Hope you manage to avoid the virus--so scary!

  7. Your mini is super sweet. But I also liked the last one! The pink log cabin quilt is just the first pf many you'll find yourself making for that precious new grandbaby. It's all fun, this grandma thing, enjoy every minute of the giddy anticipation.

  8. Your heart looks great. I love all the little pieces. Did you applique it?
    I think your first log cabin blocks are charming and delicate, just perfect for a new baby girl. I'm sure they will look wonderful with the new blocks you're making. I'm looking forward to seeing them. And congratulations on a new granddaughter!
    I hope you and those you love stay safe from the coronavirus. It seems to be spreading at a speed close to light.

  9. The LC blocks are sweet and baby girlie. The quilting will had a wonderful texture to the light side. The dark background of your February mini makes your crazy heart the star. I understand where you're coming from with the startovers, toss outs, or completely abandon projects. Just did that myself. No sense moving on with something that doesn't bring you joy.

  10. lovely pink quilt for such a dear baby....congrats on acquiring a new title...you are truly blessed...

  11. Ditto to everything said above!! And just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading what you're up to!!

  12. Your little heart mini is very sweet. The crazy piecing is just the perfect touch. Working with pink and white for a baby quilt is a lot more complicated than it should be! Why is that? Looks like you're getting it figured out though with your wonderful log cabin blocks. Congrats on your good news.:)

  13. What a perfect little February mini.
    I look forward to seeing all of your log cabin blocks together. Looks like they will make a perfect baby quilt.
    Dinner looks and sounds delicious.

  14. Sweet mini for February! Congratulations on becoming grandparents. That is so exciting!! Your pink/white log cabin quilt is perfect for that new baby :)

  15. The February mini is adorable - I can't resist those florals! I see what you mean about the pink and white LC blocks looking flat when you put them all together, but I sill like them and I hope they work with additional blocks. The recipe you shared is right up my alley - I will have to go look it up - thanks! We have a graffiti artist here who is known for "You Go Girl" street art (known as Hugo Gyrl).

  16. My first log cabin quilt was made just cutting strips and I ended up with a few blocks that were not the same size. Of course I was working by hand. I like the way that heart went together... now thinking of a log cabin challenge...

  17. Such a sweet log cabin coming together ~ stitched with love for sure!


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