Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Quilty Inspiration - and Hamilton! - in Chicago

Last week David and I visited Chicago for the first time - mainly to see Hamilton (!) - and we spent the afternoon at the excellent - I mean outstanding! - Art Institute.

Here's David with his faves - Impressionism -

I went straight for textiles (descriptions follow photos):

 How about this awesome Samoan Tapa cloth:

These are all part of an exhibit called Music and Movement: Rhythm in Textile Design.

Always a complete TREAT to run across a Faith Ringgold piece, in person.  Bessie's Blues, with a Bessie Smith song playing in the background:

What a special piece: 

Modern as can be: 

The real treat of the day was seeing our young friend Colby Lewis (watch for him - he's a rising star for sure! - and he will be appearing in the new season of Chicago Med on NBC) perform Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton.  He was spectacular - the whole cast was.  It was an amazing show.  All the feels - laughs and tears.

And, as a bonus, Barb Vedder (Fun with Barb) was there at the same performance and so we got to say hi and gush over how great the show was.  It's a small quilty world;).

In other news... well there isn't other news.  We are still floating on a high after seeing this show!  But I leave you with... ladies looking at art:



  1. What a fabulous experience. Chicago is a great city. How fun you and Barb were at the same performance. Small world for sure. I'll watch for your friend's performance.

  2. Great post. I hope you liked my hometown as much as me. The Art Institute is one of my favorite places on earth. Their collection is wonderful.
    Colby was amazing in the show and it was so fun to see you. I finally did a post today.

  3. Wow, I bet you are floating! I'm so glad you had a great visit and enjoyed the show. It's on my list of must sees!

  4. The Faith Ringold piece was awesome. thank you for sharing it. I am going to go and look up everything by that artist! woohoo.

  5. I can't believe you got to see Hamilton!! And to see Barb at the same time, well that is just crazy!!


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