Thursday, November 2, 2017

London... V&A museum

Last week right after the AQSG seminar I met David in London.  Gotta love those frequent flyer miles!  We've been to London many times but this was a first, me joining him on a business trip.

I was on my own while he had meetings, and then we would meet up for dinner.  We saw this wonderful, small, excellent, magical, intimate production of Romantics Anonymous.  Awkwardness and love.  Tiny theatre, massive talent, and delighted audience.  It is based on this charming movie.  A week later we are still talking about it.  So, so good! 

I had lazy mornings and then explored on my own in the afternoons.  Loved walking from our hotel through Hyde Park, and then on to the V&A.  I have a terrible - I mean, really absent - sense of direction, so the Citymapper App was my best friend!

First up at the V&A, the Woman's Hour Craft Prize exhibit.  LOVE.

I really enjoyed this small display of Celia Pym's visible mending work:

Gorgeous esthetic.  This is what wabi-sabi is ALL about. 

I dearly wish I'd been in London for one of her mending days at the V&A.

Read her statement here:

Next, a little walk through the life of the Buddha....

I could visit the V&A a hundred times and never tire of it (and admission is free)!



  1. amazing mending exhibit. I didn't know anything about this, but now I get wabi sabi. So neat! I love the description on the card about care and repair.
    I too had a solo afternoon at the V&A many years ago. We rented an apt. on Queens Gate. I love London - Luck you!

  2. London is such a fabulous city to explore. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for Sharing!

  3. What a wonderful time for you.
    The mending exhibit is fascinating!

  4. What a wonderful opportunity to explore London. I've never been there, but it's on my list. Love the darning and visual repair examples. Maybe instead of trying to hide those repairs we should follow these examples.

  5. I especially like the darning because that is one of my regular activities. Maybe I should get more creative too.

  6. I saw, and enjoyed, the small exhibition of Celia Pym's work too. What struck me was her background as a nurse and the parallels that has with mending. Lovely exhibition at one of London's best museums!


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