Thursday, September 14, 2017

Little house in the (not so big) woods

The past month has been a total blur.... moving into our new house (built in 1982 making it the newest house I've ever lived in),  just over the border in New Hampshire.   It's about 40 minutes from where we lived before, not bad.

Seventeen years in Massachusetts, and now New Hampshire for the next (simpler?) chapter of our lives!

Here's David in his happy place with plans for restoring the beauty of the little brook that runs through the property:

Nestled in the woods, but still light and bright - just a dreamy setting -

I did immediately want to lighten up the kitchen.  The walls were red when we moved in and we immediately had them painted white.  And then I set out to "emergency paint" the cabinets.

However... in the end.... I just know I picked the wrong color!  I was going for a subtle gray, but this is icy cold and just wrong.  I know I need to change it again but I can't face it!  I may not bother, but.... I don't know.

On the positive side, I'm experimenting with some open cabinets and so far, I LOVE it.  Everything within reach and I do love my Japanese dishes.

Window trim will be professionally painted in another couple months...

Finally I turned my attention to the sewing room:

Turning THIS:

Into THIS (the walls are white - don't know what happened in this photo):

It was an exercise in priorities.  I really wanted to have that brown wicker chair in the room - it's been with us since 1990 and I still love it -

Another priority - guest bed space.  I taped off the space for a future daybed/trundle, and for now, air mattress.  The cutting table is two Ikea rolling carts - and can be rolled away to make way for a trundle or air mattress.  

And.... then finally got to sewing!  I will write more about this next time.  It feels so good to be back in the swing of quilting.   Hoping now to get back into the swing of blogging as well. 

Hope those of you who are in "back to school" mode are loving it, one way or another!  



  1. You're kitchen has a very fresh look! If you don't like the color maybe you could experiment with a soft gray colored wax. Just a thought.

  2. I am so happy for you! Your husband does look happy digging in the brook and I love your new sewing room. As for the cupboard paint, if it helps any, the color looks fabulous in the pictures. I too like an open cupboard look, especially when you have nice dishes like yours. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Manchester next month. I hope I am remembering correctly that you did sign up for the seminar!

    1. Wendy - yes! Really looking forward to Seminar - see you there.

  3. Enjoy decorating your new home you've made a great start. Interesting how paint chips can colour when they are on the appropriate surfaces.

    Have fun your new project.

  4. Your new home looks beautiful. I think it's sometimes hard to get just the right color of paint. The chips are so small and the light in a room affects how the paint looks. Your open cupboard looks great!

  5. Congratulations on your new home! It looks like an opportunity for lots of adventures.

  6. What a lovely place you have found!
    Best wishes,

  7. looks like you're settling in.
    I love open cabinets too.
    see you at seminar

  8. Be very happy in your lovely new home!

  9. It all looks so cozy! I hope you'll be very happy here.:)

  10. love your new sewing digs and the open cabinets too...btw, in maine they pronounce it na'


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