Monday, August 7, 2017


Various quilty things spotted in July ... don't we quilters see our worlds through a quilter's lens?

Happiness is.... seeing that my young married daughter brought a quilt on vacation... this is "Steps to the Altar" which I made in 2014 for her wedding.  I blogged about it here on my old blog (no idea now why I felt the need to start over in blogging, ergh)

FUN... to find a couple of quilt store gems while on vacation in Utah:

Amusing... to find a crazy-quilt of a door to a great Mexican restaurant, The Red Iguana in SLC.  YES, worth the wait!

Gratifying.... to see a Faith Ringgold gem at the BYU Museum of Art:


That is my son way in the background.  I love sharing art museum visits with my kids!

And lastly.... check out this charming piece... hanging in the house we are moving to ... soon!  I don't think the current owners are leaving it behind... too bad;).


  1. This summer I slept under several quilts I had made long ago. One was the wedding quilt made for Son Jon's Hawaiian wedding. Nice memories....

  2. Blanket Stories was my favorite piece at the BYUMOA!
    I love that your daughter brought along her quilt.

  3. It is a wonderful feeling to know that our children appreciate the quilts we make for them. I love the "Blanket Stories". I do wonder how they are "stabilized". Must be the quilter in me, I can't just enjoy a piece without wondering how they made it!

  4. There are lots of ways to look at the world but one of the best is there the eyes of a quilter. Thanks for sharing some fun things.

  5. I love the stacked quilt totem - what a beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing these pictures!


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