Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quilts in Frederick

Last weekend with David in Japan, and in a burst of appreciating my empty nest status (which now includes a nest empty of pets) I spur of the moment took a solo road trip down to Frederick Maryland for an AQSG study day, and to catch up with dear old friends (none of them quilters, but that's ok;) in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The study day was really well organized and packed with history and quilts - starting with a walking tour of downtown historic Frederick:

and followed by a quilt turning, lunch, and two more quilt turnings.  One amazing old quilt after another.  Photos allowed only for personal use though - social media pretty strictly prohibited.  So, not a fabulous blog post but I can show this mid nineteenth century signature quilt hanging in the Historical Society:

Lovely Prussian Blue: 

If you love old quilts, consider joining AQSG - and see you Oct 2017 at "Seminar" in New Hampshire!  I didn't know a soul in the Maryland group but quickly made a couple of new pals - introversion is not really a barrier when a bunch of quilt lovers get together.  ;).

Glad I took the trip, despite the difficult drive.  Now thoughts and to-do lists turn to the holidays... with a little time here and there in the sewing room.  Feeling overwhelmed with too many projects... and I'm thinking of ways to simplify, simplify, simplify for 2017.  But just as I say "NO MORE NEW PROJECTS"... I see that Barbara Brackman is doing another block of the month in 2017, and this one I surely can't resist!!  Yankee Diary.  I'm in!



  1. How wonderful to be able to take advantage of the opportunity and go. Sounds like your project list for 2017 might have gotten a little longer. :0)

  2. Do we know the focus of the 2018 quilt study yet? Perhaps it was revealed in Frederick? If not, should I just keep an eye on their main website? Thanks for the lovely quilt photos you could share with us.

  3. A touch of history including quilts, now that sounds like fun.
    I miss the gala bunch and getting together ... but on the other hand, with my job I don.t spend a lot of time alone and quilting can be fit in here and there.

  4. great historical getaway! I miss having a chapter near me.
    Glad you met some new quilt friends.

  5. I was so happy to see your post this morning! I was about to e-mail you to see if you were o.k.! So glad you got to go to MD. I'll just bet those quilts were sensational. I am so looking forward to seminar being in NH next year! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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