Monday, August 15, 2016

Front Porch month 4 - watermelon blocks etc.

Time to share our water melon blocks...

I must have made some errors because nothing fit together right ... but I trimmed here and there and made it work in a PRIMITIVE way;).

This is part of another fun quilt a long with Lori at Humble Quilts.  Check it out.  Some gals are getting really creative with fabric choice - some fabulous stuff!  The pattern is by Jan Patek.

And speaking of fabulousness...

Barb Vedder (Fun with Barb) has a great swap going so check out her blog here if you are interested in swapping "broken dishes" blocks.   I am sorely tempted to go "modern" but decided on Civil War repros.


We are wilting in drought and record heat here in Massachusetts.  Our window A/C units are going full blast 24/7 and we have fans everywhere too - the white noise this all creates is deafening!

Tommy leaves TOMORROW for his mission for our church.  His fast friend Hansen is also leaving shortly for his mission.  Last night our families had an open house for the boys - for church folks, neighbors, school friends.  Many hands make light work.  Cake and cold drinks and fond farewells to two young men, one going to Hungary and the other to Brazil to serve their hearts out for two years.

Both our daughters are in town and it's just a joy to have all our kids together for this brief precious time.   There is no sweeter sound than hearing the kids laughing and talking together.  We did manage to get this snapshot before church.  We've been taking family photos in front of this old maple tree for years and years.

Time marches on and as of tomorrow we will be empty nesters.  More time for fly fishing? (David) and quilting? (me).  ;).



  1. First of all, I love your watermelons. That stripe is sensational! And yes, it is such a treasure to have our children near. It's funny I don't think about min as being children anymore until they laugh. I guess, laughter is ageless! You have a beautiful family!

  2. Wow! Big changes. When my last child went on his mission, it felt empty for a while (sniff) but there were so many things that had been waiting in queue that I adjusted just fine. It helped that he was so excited to start his new adventure away from home. Amusingly, it was much more difficult when my husband retired and was home all the time than having all my children gone -ha!

  3. Love your watermelons. Yesterday we got to get together with 3 of our 5 children and their spouses and our grandchildren for a BBQ. It's not often when we all have the time. I know you enjoyed having yours close. Hugs

  4. I love your striped background! I don't think you did anything wrong at all--my watermelons didn't fit on the background at all. Luckily I test fit my freezer paper templates, so ended up tucking and stapling to shrink them a bit!

  5. What a beautiful family. It's so heart warming to hear our kids laugh when they're all "grown up". Cute watermelons. I like your striped background too.

  6. Hard to believe Tommy is on his way! I'm sure you will find plenty to fill the nest. Won't they have a lot to share next time yo get together ... and maybe new quilts too....

  7. Such a beautiful family! Love your perfectly primitive watermelon blocks. Happy quilting!

  8. Wow! I love the family photo!! Best wishes to the boys on their mission.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that had sizing issues with the watermelons!! Great background!

  9. Congratulations on having a missionary! You will miss him, no doubt, but he's doing a great work. If appearances told the whole story I know he will be a great missionary. (He glows!)

    Love your watermelons.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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