Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gwennie inspired medallion - baskets and more baskets

Wow, being spontaneous and improvisational is harder than I'd anticipated... I have cycled through several versions of a basket center for the Gwennie Inspired Medallion QAL... (#GMmedallionQAL on Instagram).

Playing around...

An orphan block from another project...

Meanwhile... I already have a terrific basket thing going - a WIP... why not just use it!?  (Here's a sneak peak!):

It's from a sweet, folky pattern that Lori herself has in last spring's magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects.  If I use this, my medallion center would be almost 30" square.  Too big for what I want with the medallion quilt...

Sooooo.... back to the drawing board...  some fairly casual non-measury piecing, using my stash of  luscious indigo and wovens from Japan.  In the Gwen Marston spirit I'm trying to not only relax a bit with the piecing, but also to use more solids than I typically use.

Have you joined us - are you making your basket center for a Gwen Marston inspired medallion quilt?  Lori chose our center theme, I am choosing the next theme (check back the first Monday in June), and so on through five quilters total.   Introduction is here.   More detail and examples here.  It will be so interesting to see what everyone creates!  We've started a hashtag on Instagram: #GMmedallionQAL.


p.s. A gratuitous shot of me with my son.... who will soon be leaving the nest... he is my pride and joy and I'm just soaking in this time with him!  Here he's about to go to the first of three (!) proms this year...


  1. This is a great photo of you and Tommy! Definitely frame-worthy.

  2. Lovely photo with your son ! ;)
    I almost finished my baket and yours will be beautiful ! Thank you for the hashtag on IG !

  3. 3 proms!? He must be a popular fellow..... Nice photo of you two!
    I understand the liberated is a bit harder, but once it clicks you'll feel it.

  4. I'm glad to hear that being liberated is a hard challenge. I know it would be for me, but I was thinking it was just me. It's a sweet photo of you and your son. Enjoy this special time.

  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your medallion challenge :) Beautiful photo of you and your son. He's so handsome!

  6. Oh my, I love all your choices. I am really struggling with the "winging it" part. I am so grateful for the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and liberate my quilting! What a handsome young man. It is hard to let go, but I'm sure you have done a wonderful job and he will make you proud!

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next round. Love both your yellow background basket. Which will you choose!

  8. fun baset blocks going on -
    what a handsome boy - savor the moments.

  9. All your baskets are charming, why not use them all? Maybe your son would like a basket quilt for his new nest? You could fill the baskets with all his favourite things.


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