Friday, April 1, 2016

Little doll quilt

Here is the little doll quilt I've made for the doll quilt exchange hosted by Lori of Humble Quilts.  (Teri doesn't have a blog so I'm posting/linking here).

It was FUN to make, using scraps from my Stars in a Time Warp quilts.

Snowballed two opposing corners, and sewed the little blocks together into x's and o's.

I machine quilted it with nylon filament thread in the needle - I usually use this to avoid a "thready" look.

Sent it off to Teri in Wisconsin today.  Hope she likes it!  Thanks Lori for hosting and organizing this swap!!!



  1. What a lucky swap partner you have!
    See you Sunday!

  2. No doubt Terry will love it ! You made a stunning doll quilt !

  3. Your little quilt is so charming! I'm sure Teri will love it :)

  4. Oh it's wonderful! I can't wait for when I feel confident enough in my skills to join a swap like this!

  5. Another gorgeous doll quilt. Excellent work :)


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