Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Baptist fan stencil from "Fun with Barb"

 I ordered this baptist fan stencil from funwithbarb and I LOVE IT.  It is even bigger than I'd expected it to be.  The day after I got it, I started marking this top!

Barb has a good tutorial here for how to mark a quilt with it.  And today, she posted a beautiful finish using the stencil.

This sampler is something I started many many years ago, leading a block of the month class out of the old classic Quilts Quilts Quilts.

This is a fun Kaffe Fassett print for the backing (busy and forgiving).  I wanted to practice using the fan stencil on a small quilt like this before deciding what to do with Hartwell Stars.

When I piece a backing, I use 1/2 inch seams and press open.

Good old crayola washable markers.

No photos, but I am about halfway done with the quilting and so far so good.  Wobbly and I'm definitely still a novice after all these years, but I'm so pleased so far!


  1. It's going to be fabulous - loved seeing how you mark it with this great stencil! I have used these markers in the past and was happy with them too.

  2. Enjoy reading about all your projects. You've got a lot going on. Love the way the fan stencil looks on your quilt. So appealing!

  3. I'm so glad you like the stencil! It makes for fast marking and quilting. Are you using a walking foot? It really helps keep the arcs smooth.
    Looking forward to seeing the finish.

    1. Barb - free motion with the darning foot! Doh! Didn't even consider the walking foot. Because this is a practice piece, I will switch to the walking foot to finish!

  4. Woohoo! What an inspiration for me to start something to use with my newly acquired stencil from Barb. I am planning on using it for my Quilty circle quilt, but that is quite a way down the road so I will have to come up with something! I love this quilt!

  5. I remember making one of those stencils long, long ago using a sheet of plastic from a folder and a soldering iron. I thought of it as a wave design.

  6. Oh this stencil seems to be incredible !
    I am going to wait and admire your work finished !

  7. Oh this stencil seems to be incredible !
    I am going to wait and admire your work finished !


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