Monday, February 29, 2016

Westering Women - Jan & Feb

Barbara Brackman has a 2016 block of the month on her Civil War Quilts blog - it's called Westering Women.  Lots of interesting history about America's westward migration.

The blocks are 12 inches.  Free patterns on her blog, the last Wednesday of the month.  On Instagram - #westeringwomen

January's block was called Independence Square (the curvy look is not deliberate!):

These Japanese wovens are very loosey goosey to work with.  I can see how they are so popular with hand piecers in Japan.   I will add some more indigo blues as I go along.  I aim to make an understated quilt with at least a little muslin in each block.

February's block is Indian Territory.  Very straightforward to piece.  My eye wants to flip a few pieces to rearrange the block into a Sawtooth Star, however!  Maybe it's all the stars last year doing Stars in a Time Warp!

Never too late to join the block of the month!  Introduction is here.


  1. Beautiful blocks. I love those Japanese fabrics, but they are a challenge to piece sometimes. I didn't like the first block I made so I am starting over. I'm also making 9" blocks, well, as long as Barbara keeps them simple that is!

    1. It's funny you say this Wendy because I am thinking of starting over. What I aim to be calm and sweet is looking... dull. One block a month though is quite manageable!

  2. These are lovely! your fabric choices are wonderful - and the touch of aqua gives it a nice lift!

  3. great blocks. I like your pallet and that solid muslin - which color is it? it's great.

  4. I picked up my pattern last night and that will be on the list for next week. I like the fabrics you are using. I think they do look calm, and not dull at all! ~desertskyquilting


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