Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sewing spaces

We're just winding down our February vacation, during which time I've had some good long stretches in the sewing room.

I snapped some pics in the good lighting yesterday - without cleaning up or "staging" anything (now I wish I had!), although I had just swiffered the floor!  Most of the furniture is from good ol' Ikea.

I feel very fortunate to have such a well lit and spacious sewing room.  It used to be Tommy's bedroom and has the best natural light in the house.  He upgraded to his sister's bedroom when she left home, and so I graduated from the attic, to this room.  I haven't always had a sewing room, and I probably won't always have one, but I sure am enjoying it while I can!

On the design wall (merely a piece of batting tacked to the wall), I have arranged one quadrant of my second "stars in a time warp" quilt - I'm calling it Hartwell Stars.  Here is the plan:

Too big to lay out all at once, so I am arranging it in four sections.

The closet was once a hallway, and the wall paper in there (what's left of it) dates probably from the 1880's.

For basting quilts, I head downstairs to the dining room.  I love my dining room table - nicks and marks from countless quilts basted - So many family meals around this table, and projects of all kinds.  It has withstood hard use.  Can you tell I'm feeling wistful, approaching the last months before we become empty nesters?

Where else does quilting take place around here?  When I am hand quilting or stitching sashiko, this is usually where I am, watching TV (Netflix, Hulu) with David in the evenings. 

 I love using my Mom's old Shaker box (actually, round Colonial style, single point - not the typical oval Shaker style) to hold my handwork essentials.  Like the dining room table, it is developing a nice patina from years of use.  Wabi sabi

A sewing room full of stuff is nice, but, here is (almost) all one really needs!!! 

  Thanks Wendy at The Constant Quilter for the nudge to post some sewing space pics!


  1. oh you have a wonderful sewing space and if you had staged it any of us who sew would have known, lol! I had fun seeing this because I was working on a where I sew post here and there / will get 'er done eventually!

  2. nice space and I like your layout for the stars. Furrows are awesome. thanks for sharing your space.

  3. Oh, I LOVE the yellow walls and your floors are to die for! It looks like you do have great light. Even though I have two FULL rooms of sewing "stuff" I agree that all we (almost) really need is what is at hand. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those butter yellow walls are perfect for your space, and that closet door latch - perfect! Thanks for sharing your sewing rooms, I suspect most of us take over much of the house with the various quilting steps.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring spaces Cynthia!

  6. I stopped by from Wendy's blog and glad I did. What a wonderful cheerful space to enjoy and to create.

  7. Enjoyed seeing your sunny sewing room with its wide plank floors! Your Stars #2 quilt looks great :)

  8. That is a beautiful room! Thanks for the tour. I love the floors and the windows.

  9. I did enjoy seeing where you sew. I've sewn in closets and in small, small rooms, in the area under the breakfast bar, and in the 5th wheel. I've had a huge room, 17 x 30 with two walk in closets, and now I have a room 10 x 11. As long as there is a place to put a sewing machine, I will always be happy. This is a lovely bright room!


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