Saturday, February 20, 2016

Monkey Bars baby quilt

A baby shower is coming up... sex of the baby unknown.... the young mama says the baby's colors are green, blue, yellow, white, gray.  Baby quilt time.

When we had the huge snow a couple of weeks ago, I used the snow days to sew up this baby quilt.

I decided to stagger the "bars."  When the top was all assembled, I felt that the "bars" (Chinese coins) needed a little something for balance, so I added a few circles - raw edge applique.

I quilted it minimally, with wavy lines, and "tacks" here and there.

I backed it with yellow fabric I'd brought from Japan, and for the first time, I have tried putting on a binding completely by machine.

Every time I make a baby quilt, I am surprised all over again at the cost and at the time it takes to complete the quilt.  Two and a half pretty full days of quilting time.  But time and time again I tell myself I can just "whip up" a baby quilt!  It is such a fun process - irresistible.


  1. Laughing at your post. It does take more time to 'whip up' a baby quilt than it ever seems like it should. Great finish though! Should be well loved and appreciated.:)

    1. I'm a little skeptical when anyone says they 'whip up' anything. Unless it's something they got at a fast food drive thru. :)

  2. sweet baby quilt! love the animal print


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